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Company update:


  • TeleSoftas and Helmes 

  • Business Units (a.k.a Profit Centers)


  • Wonderborn

  • Outlined 

Upcoming weeks' highlights:

  • Training season 

  • WebSummit

  • Reminder about work trips 

  • Halloween is coming to TeleSoftas!

Last weeks' highlights:

  • Dev Day Blaster fest and masterclasses 


  • Step forward to internship

  • Healthy lifestyle tips

Company update.png

TeleSoftas and Helmes

Šarūnas Putrius

Dear Kolegučiai,

It's yet another post that I want to start by saying -  "Wow - what an exciting month it has been!".

It's a historical month for the TeleSoftas community that will be remembered as a proud milestone in our journey. Our partnership with Helmes shares the same elements as partnerships (or even marriage) between individuals. It has to feel right and fit on many practical levels; both parties must be worthy of each other. And knowing that it's not easy to find good matches between people should tell us that it is even harder to find those between companies. We met at a time when we were both looking for something. A time in which both companies reached a specific stage of development. So, considering how we matched makes me think of a "the stars aligned" situation.

I don't want to repeat what we said in the public announcement and the last All team sync Q&A since you can check them out. And you can learn more about Helmes by watching this short video:

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

press to zoom

So what's next?

Getting to know each other. 

We will learn more about Helmes's structure and meet new people in the upcoming months. The process has already started. In early November, we will visit Helmes and meet the Business Unit Leads to learn how Helmes has implemented the Profit Centers model, which I have been talking about since the start of 2021.

Telesoftas Board. 

The Board is an integral part of our organisation that supported the CEO for years, was involved in setting high-level organisation strategy, and assessed the organisation's results. So, we will look into Telesoftas' governance in the following months. And answer questions like: How will Algirdas and the new Shareholders be represented in the organisation? What will the future Telesoftas board look like? Who will be the (new) board members?


Sales pipelines.

There is already action and interest from Helmes to invite us to join the tenders they participate in or requests for talent for their existing teams. Telesoftas also has certain positions that are difficult to hire in Lithuania/Nigeria, and we have our unassigned pool of talents that could possibly be matched against Helmes projects. It's just the beginning, but I can feel the vibe already🤩


Formal stuff.

A lot of paperwork needs to be filed or re-signed, and some things need to be reconsidered as part of the Helmes family and can give us new advantages and options.

changeislife (3).png

Business Units (aka. Profit Centers)


To maintain consistency with our new partners, TeleSoftas adopted the Helmes naming of Business Units. Which represents the same Profit Center concept I have been talking about. I anticipate rapid progress in the Business Units implementation, and my goal is to launch the change organisation wide in Q1 2023. Which means in three months. 😊 I am super excited but also focused and alert to do it all correctly.


The end goal of the change - is to enable teams and individuals to contribute to business-level decisions. And because I believe in the intelligence of Telesoftas people - I am sure this will have numerous positive outcomes.

The profit sharing scheme for employees, Financial cost/income structure, time logging processes, defining new roles in the new structure - are the activities that have been happening for months already. And the years of experience Helmes has in this field will put the final dots on the i's.

Goals for the management team (until the end of 2022):

  • Establish clear metrics that are crucial for TeleSofas, as a service company- What we measure, how often we measure, and how we measure:

    • Employee happiness;

    • Client satisfaction;

    • Financial success.

  • Work on an approach for how we can merge the benefits and mastery values that our Platform teams represent with the Business Units concept.

  • Establish the ability to financially account costs and income in a very granular way: per team, business unit, and bet support unit to enable fair and clear profit sharing.

  • Define and identify the exact business units and their composition.

I hope this gives you more clarity. As you see, we are entering the last preparation phase for the kick-off of the Business Units (aka. Profit Centers). In the midst of this, together with the finance team, we will aim to share the last quarter's financial results on the 3rd of November - as promised in the half-year company presentation. So please stay tuned, and see you for this in the next All teams sync!

Upcoming weeks highlights.png

Training season

Slowly but surely, our internal training season is coming back! We kicked it off in September with the Recruitment training and Feedback workshop, followed by the Communication workshop on the 11th of October.


Coming in November:

  • Projects&Clients presentation by our Head of Account Management and Sales - Vilius Smalinskas

  • Tech for non-tech training by Mobile TTL - Rokas Jasonas

  • Feedback Vol.1 training led by me and AI&Java STL - Greta Šmaižytė. 

Registration forms and other information will be shared in #general slack channel. 

See you there!

Rugilė Žickytė 



Dominykas Orda

Why is TeleSoftas different?

Because we have a unique company culture and best practices that we have implemented to make people happy. There are lots of software engineering companies across the globe – but no other quite like us.

Our soft team lead structure and ''the fruits it picks'' are only the beginning. Per TeleSoftas principles, we want to make the universe a happier place. For that reason, we want to share our best practices with the rest of the world and make people happy. How? In different and innovative ways. One of them is going to WebSummit 2022, which will happen in Lisbon between the 1st – 4th of November. We will see how people, companies, decision-makers, and future shapers will react while giving body for STLs.

What will TeleSoftas do there?

We will have our booth in one of the most significant digital events at the moment, and hopefully, we will be granted the opportunity to take the stage and speak, where we will share our knowledge.


Why is it amazing?

We will have exposure at one of the biggest digital events and we will be able to test the waters to see if the idea is valid and mature enough to be shared with the rest of the world. And most of all, we will learn a lot from it!

Important for everyone, don't get confused - we haven't started developing the STL concept into a software yet, this is only an idea in our pitch playbook, and we want to see how people react.


Wish us GOOD LUCK!


Lina Andriuškevičienė

Reminder about work trips  

Short reminder about work trips:

  • All work trips need to be confirmed by your STL/PM;

  • After confirming, you need to fill Work trip ordering form with all trip-related details;

  • After your work trip, you should send invoices, tickets and receipts of expenses that accured during the work trip to together with a bank card statement if you purchased it by card. 

  • Also, you must bring the original expense check to the finance department if you have one. 


More information can be found here

Halloween is coming to TeleSoftas!

Simona Toleikytė  


When? The 28th of October 

Where? Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipėda Offices 🏢



  • Best Halloween Costume Award in each Office. Prepare your finest costume for a chance to win the Best Halloween Costume title and 2 tickets to the cinema! 🤡

  • Best Decorated Cabinet Award in Kaunas. Collab with your kolegučiai and decorate your cabinet in Kaunas Office for a chance to win a special prize! 🧙


How to participate?

  • Share a picture of your costume or cabinet to #another_slack_channel on the 28th of October before 3 pm.

  • Vote using 🎃* emojis for the costumes and cabinets you like the most until 3 pm.

Votes will be counted on the 28th of October after 3pm. The 3 best costumes in each office and the best-decorated cabinet in Kaunas will be awarded prizes! 🧟


Get your spook on, and see you soon! 🧛🏻‍♀️


Step Forward to Internship

Žydrūnė Spranginė 

Martyna Beinarytė 

Out of 363 applicants, we selected the lucky five who got an opportunity to step forward towards internship positions. Our new interns have already started their journey and will have a chance to be a part of TeleSoftas! 

During our interns' lunch party, we had a great chat and learned a lot about each other, so here are a few facts about our interns:

Vėtrė Aleksandravičiūtė.png

Vėtrė Aleksandravičiūtė

Visual Content Creator intern

She has a sea glass collection and loves to collect them every time she is at the beach. 

Justas Gasparaitis.png

Justas Gasparaitis

Android Intern

He once walked for 21 hours non-stop to walk a total of 100 km.

Rokas Tarasevičius.png

Rokas Tarasevičius
AI intern

He's fascinated by endurance sports & proud that he managed to do a solo 150 kilometres bike ride. 

Edvinas Stumbrys.png

Edvinas Stumbrys
AI intern

He took yoga classes when he was 15 and has been breathing "correctly" since.

Deividas t.png

Deividas Tilindis
Android Intern

 His nickname is “Tinder”, and he never looks at how doctors take blood from his body. 

Tomas Lukoševičius.png

Tomas Lukoševičius
JAVA Intern

He can walk on his hands and he developed his own computer game with the Unity game engine.

Welcome to the team!

Jevgenij Melnik.png
Lukas Jankauskas.png
Lukas Petkevičius.png
Aminu Abdusalami.png
Martynas Venckus.png

Aminu Abdusalami
PHP Developer

Lukas Petkevičius
PHP Developer

Lukas Jankauskas
JAVA Developer

Jevgenij Melnik

Node.js Developer

Martynas Venckus

Data Scientist

Karolis Šlipaitis

Karolis Šlipaitis

Healthy lifestyle tips

Spices contain different anti-inflammatory compounds that affect various players in inflammation. Also, they positively affect the gut microbiota. 


While general healthy eating guidelines are to eat at least 30 different plant foods per week (to have a more diverse gut microbiome -> healthier microbiome), and that feels like a lot - spices do count towards that.

And it’s pretty straightforward to incorporate spices into your diet. 

  • One key point to remember is that some spices (e.g. Tumeric) work their magic (for health benefits) best when exposed to heat and layered into the meal when preparing it.

Remember: Spices reach conventional store shelves 2 years after being harvested and lose some potency afterwards.

  • To prolong the potency of the spices, keep them away from heat and light in air-tight containers.

For more information: CLICK HERE

Top 5 spices for beginners:

  • Turmeric - reduces inflammation.

  • Black Pepper - has anti-inflammatory compounds and cancer-fighting properties.

  • Cinnamon- can balance blood sugar/reduce glucose levels and LDL cholesterol. 

  • Sumac - has anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular-protective effects.

  • Ginger - good for inflammation management and helps with sluggish digestion, nausea, metabolic health, and blood sugar balance.




Aidas Vagonis

Wonderborn contacted us for the first time last year, claiming they asked around for the best development company in Europe, and everyone recommended TeleSoftas to them. But, they needed to build a new product and release it quickly, and we couldn't commit to the deadline at the time.

6 months later, they returned to us with their new product and wanted us to help maintain and improve it. But this time, they were flexible with their deadlines and happy to wait for us to assemble the perfect team. 

The fun part: 

  • Our Nigerian frontend developer, Cindy, kick-started this project. And proved, that our team in Abuja match our TeleSoftas quality perfectly! 

  • Another shout-out goes to Gediminas, who drove this project forward.

image (1).png

Religion? Really? 

In the beginning, many of us were suspicious. Wonderborn Studios released a streaming platform called, where creators could upload content for churches and Sunday schools. We thought that it might be best to avoid working with religious content.


But after a deeper analysis, we learned that this is a startup business idea inspired by the many traditions in the US and Canada. And that it is more about platform creation and less about working with religion. So we decided to jump in.


Within a few short months of working on the project, we managed to impress even the shareholders in Wonderborn, who said:"We are absolutely amazed by your quality. We won't lie, we expected exactly that, but still, we are very pleased."

Company update-1.png



Artūras Valenta

For the past couple of years, designers have been keen on discovering the most promising domains, learning their biggest issues and using them to create value. Our goal was to narrow the services and become expert leaders in our chosen field.


E-commerce seemed to vibe with the team; the always-changing field pushed us to advance in strategic thinking areas. So, in addition to our Product Design service, we grew our expertise in:

  • Customer Experience Design;

  • Service Design; 

  • Strategic Transformation.

To provide a holistic view and help companies achieve competitive advantage. Thus "Outlined" was born.

Outlined is the first Business Unit in TeleSoftas to focus on solving e-commerce business problems. For some clients, it might mean the transformation of their business direction. And for others, it means fixing critical UX mistakes to positively impact their revenue.


This is the motivation behind Outlined - solve challenges for the business instead of making pretty designs (Our designs are always pretty anyways 😄). 


Our business unit is a result of passionate and dedicated people in the design team who put in years of hard work, endured hardships together and strived to achieve this vision! 🧡


Outlined is already online, and you can check it out here.  👈


Dev Day Blaster fest and masterclasses 

Blaster Fest Dev Day Party was fun! Thank you to all of you who participated, played games, and danced with us. Thanks to Sarunas for participating in discussion with other Blaster CEOs and for your honest answers. Even though TeleSoftas led the Blaster Lan Party, the winner's cup ended up in Tandemums hands. Yet, the real winners of Dev day were the people who participated in the masterclasses organised by our team in Abuja. 

Stephen Ubogu.png
Babatunde Saliu.png
Lats weeks highlights.png

Questions & Answers

Q: "Will we ever be able to choose/change our work equipment? E.g. monitor/mouse/keyboard/specific laptop. Especially, when let's say if I use my own keyboard, mouse, headphones, it would make sense that for "unspent" money for that I could choose maybe a better (e.g. 1440p) monitor instead of a default one (1080p). Or maybe I'd prefer one ultrawide or 4k monitor instead of standard 2x1080p's."  

A: We use standardized equipment in the company so that all employees have equal opportunities. We did not consider the possibility of when an employee refusing one piece of equipment and can choose another piece of equipment of his choice. Such needs would unbalance the available material base and its maintenance. Thanks for the question and the idea. We consider the received proposals, the implementation of which requires an assessment of the risks, at the end of the year, thinking about the renewal of the equipment for the coming year.

- Reda Aleksandravičienė

Q: "Hello, Is it possible to have a fixed salary day? Would be more comfortable not to guess every month and plan expenses. If no, maybe a short explanation why, if possible. 
Thanks in advance for an answer. "

A: TeleSoftas pays salaries until the 15th day of the month. If the 15th is on the weekend, salary can be payed before or after the weekend, depending on how quickly the payments are done by our clients.
- Sigita Valentienė

Q: "What should I do if I don't want my photos used in external communication?"

A: Write Julija Petrosiute a message on slack and mention the number of the picture you would like us to delete. Deadline: 21st of October. All the photos can be found HERE

- Marketing 

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