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TeleSoftas Employee and Customer surveys  - what are the findings?

Šarūnas Putrius

Many thanks, everybody, for standing strong during the last couple of weeks! Strong for your loved ones at home, strong for your colleagues at the office, brave and kind while supporting the Ukrainian people. Supporting each other makes all the difference today!


No matter how selfishly it may sound - to support others continuously, you need to support yourself too: 


  • Get sufficient sleep 

  • Stay informed but take lengthy breaks from the neverending news streams 

  • From time to time take a walk in a park 

  • Don't underestimate the importance of psychological health. Attend the next self-care workshop organized by TeleSoftas, talk to your STL or a colleague if you need support

  • There are people around you who have your back too!


To distract and cheer you up, I thought I could share insights I collected from you guys during the survey last month, as well as insights I received from the interviews with our customers. The surveys and interviews were about us, about the TeleSoftas community and the work we do.

When describing TeleSoftas employees talk through the lens of our values

I am proud of the values we cherish in TeleSoftas. They are like signposts in our daily life. I am happy to confirm that when describing TeleSoftas culture, you guys talk through the lens of our values. Everyone in different words, but it all sums up to:

*Employee survey results
**Data is provided in units


Customers are genuinely happy to work with us

I have personally interviewed 10 existing TeleSoftas customers. This was an experience that warmed my heart. There were moments where I was secretly wiping a tear of happiness during the interview. The absolute majority of our customers shared how happy they are to work with TeleSoftas people, how trustworthy you guys are and how TeleSoftas work has a massive positive impact on their business. This is WOW!

Two things that customer prioritize

When I asked customers to name the most important elements they expect from TeleSoftas teams, the majority of the customers prioritized two things:

  • Delivery quality and technical expertise

  • Ownership and proactivity while delivering

Meaning that they appreciate our professionalism and expertise and that we truly CARE about them and their businesses.

Takeaways on how TeleSoftas can improve

Even though this exercise was mainly positive, there were important takeaways on how TeleSoftas can improve:


From employee surveys, I have learned that:

  • You guys want TeleSoftas to create its own successful product

  • You guys want TeleSoftas strategic direction to be more focused and better articulated

  • The more meaningful, world-changing projects - the better

  • You guys identify a lack of focus on business optimization, efficiency and profitability

  • You miss more community activities and miss live interactions with kolegučiai.

From customers, I have learned:

  • Customers understand the current IT labour market situation, but at the same time, they wish we could hire/add new team members faster for them

  • Ownership and proactivity vary from project to project. Customers really appreciate it when we are involved and proactive while developing their product

  • Customers want TeleSoftas engineers to understand their business needs 

  • Ownership + understanding customer business = more freedom and decision power to engineering teams.

I am sharing these and many more findings further to appropriate people and departments in TeleSoftas, we will continue to improve, change and get even better.


Thank you, stay safe, and don't forget to take care of yourself. 🧡


Newcomers' breakfast at Vilnius

Aniceta Šatilo

This year's first Newcomers' breakfast at the Vilnius office will be organized on March 17th and from that point on will be held once a month! In each Newcomers' Breakfast, colleagues will meet newcomers of the month. Of course, colleagues from other cities are also very welcome to join the monthly event!

Cool tool for Kolegučiai lunch

Audronė Salygienė

Kudos to Justas Grigaliūnas for creating a small tool for Kolegučiai, who would like to go out and eat lunch (or dinner, or breakfast, or for a beer) together. Please check out https://letseat.telesoftas.net/ - create a room for your lunch party, select the possible lunch options, vote where you want to go - and that is it.
This tool is still in development and is a single person's work, so feedback is welcome at the #lunch_buddies  slack channel!

Also let's join the #lunch_buddies channel and:

  • look for a colleague to go together for lunch either in the original city or whilst visiting other cities

  • invite colleagues for online lunch

  • share best lunch places, take out offers, your lunch ideas, etc.

  • invite colleagues for a live/online coffee break

Upcoming training for April

Viktorija Budrevičė

1. Scrum training

2. Feedback 1:0

3. Tech training for non-technical employees

All information will be announced two weeks before each training. 
*Part of new employees are already invited to Tech training for non-technical employees. If you are not a new member but would like to participate, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

The power of community

Julija Petrošiūtė

As Šarūnas mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter, supporting each other makes all the difference today. And the support can come in different shapes.

During the past couple of weeks, I have witnessed an incredible amount of kindness that pulsates through the TeleSoftas community and our ready-to-act attitude.

Everything starts from the idea, and many of them were suggested by you. Some initiatives I’ve managed to capture:​

1. TeleSoftas was one of the organizers of the solidarity event for Ukraine in Kaunas, Vienybės square.

2. We have opened all our job positions for Ukrainians, already received applications and talking to candidates.

3. Gathering donations at TeleSoftas offices.
4. Medical shipments have been regularly prepared and delivered to Ukraine.

5. TeleSoftas is working on a case to help enable emotional support for people who are still in Ukraine.

6. Together with BLASTER, we have contacted NGOs asking if they need any technological support to help ease their processes.

7. Some teams donated their team-building budget to provide Ukrainian women fighters with camouflage boots.
8.With the help of TeleSoftas, Algirdas is actively helping to bring children from Ukrainian orphanages to Lithuania. On the 10th of March, he joined the convoy of the Red Cross heading to Ukraine to deliver medicine to civilian hospitals and help bring back children.

We went to protests, support events, volunteered, bought and sent aid, helped find or provided a place to stay for Ukrainian women and children, and did so much more.

We are a huge power as a community and individuals. 


MWC Barcelona 2022

Algirdas Stonys, Justas Valatka, and Dominykas Orda represented TeleSoftas in the mobile world congress - MWC Barcelona 2022. Mobile World Congress is the largest and most influential connectivity event in the world, It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the mobile industry trends and make some new connections.

Virtual Scoping Mission to Nigeria

Jane Odonwodo gave a speech at Virtual Scoping Mission to Nigeria. The event showcased the African country as a source for IT talent as well as highlighted business opportunities in Nigeria for companies that want to expand internationally.  

Big Data & AI World

Bart Kappel and Audronė Salygienė visited Big Data & AI World conference in London. The Big Data & AI world is one of the most important technology events for business in the UK. It brings together data and AI innovators, technologists, and business leaders to help make data-driven decisions and intelligently shape their business.

Welcome on board to our newcomers!

Sandra Klezytė
SAP Technical Engineer

Andrius Klimavičius 
Stage Sphinx Team Lead

Gintarė Baliukonytė
Scrum Master

Karolis Kesminas

Python Developer

Vitas Micė

PHP Developer

Gintaras Aniulis
PHP Developer

Tautvydas Karvelis

PHP Developer

You can read introductions and get to know better our new colleagues HERE.


TeleSoftas Skiing trip 2022

Daumantė Eidukevičiūtė

Two months of planning, big uncertainty, covid restrictions, last-minute tests... Nonetheless, we managed to leave (well, most of us) to one of bigger TeleSoftas winter adventures in the Alps! The very first TeleSoftas skiing trip was in 2016, and this year, our skiing & snowboarding enthusiasts, their family members and friends went on a 5th skiing trip to Italy. 

Viktorija Budrevičė

The trip was just a blast

Despite the smaller or bigger skiing injuries, the trip was just a blast; it strengthened our friendship not just with each other but with our partners too! Personally, I (Viktorija) enjoyed colleagues' company while skiing and everybody's willingness to help, give a hand (literally and not). And of course, 4th room uniqueness where everybody would gather, squeeze in a tiny room with red cheeks because of lack of air and hotness and share the highlights of the day. 🧡

If you want to know who was detained by Police, picked up by the rescue team, or the best skiing teacher, jump to the stories below.

telesoftas italy trip paskutine diena-45 (1).jpg

We didn't find après ski party in the mountains, but we made those ourselves in our little living rooms.
I was not surprised by the quality of local restaurants; however, I really enjoyed making dinner together for roommates and neighbors.

-Laurynas Zaveckis

My favorite memories of the skiing trip have to be the tears of all the people that tried red slopes for the first time. It was very wholesome :D 

-Matas Dragūnas

On the first day, I didn’t check the map of the slopes and went to the first one we saw. After 100 m the slope was quite sharp. I started panicking. Luckily, the rescue team was passing by & asked if I needed a ride to go up. They took me up and offered to make 1 more circle, that was a nice winter activity to ride on this snow machine! Thank you for an amazing experience TeleSoftas.

-Kateryna Shevchenko

TeleSoftas Impact Network opening party

We also marked the start of the TeleSoftas Impact Partner Network (IPN) with a fun party that lasted as long as we could barely walk home.


During the party, Algirdas and I (Daumantė) handed TeleSoftas jumpers to our friends & business partners: Gediminas, Morten, and Heine from Rocket Cluster. They became a part of the ever-expanding Telesoftas tribe, a growing ecosystem of people who want to make an impact.  

telesoftas italy trip 3rd n 4th days-29.jpg

Experience sharing

Knowledge sharing


Quite a month for Kurts Koenig Digital!

Kateryna Shevchenko

Kurt Koenig Digital team recently had several releases for the first time since the start of the project (in 1,5 years). So the team released E-Shop, Employee Portal and Rental Projects.

Big Thank you to all Kurt Koenig Digital team members for such great work and amazing results. All of you made a dream come true and opened a new page in the Kurt Koenig digital transformation era.


This website is created specifically for the employees in the construction industry and makes their work easier and faster. 

First version of system: Dashboard


E-shop is a website for Kurt Koenig clients, where they can order different construction machines. Currently, login registration and checkout are working there.

First version of system: Product details


The rental project is a separate project for Kurt Koenig clients, who want to rent construction machines. Currently, catalogue and rental request forms are working.

KK Rental


An interview with freshly baked TTLs, part 2

Viktorija Budrevičė

In the 1st TeleSoftas Today we shared an interview with Rokas, Tadas and Yannick. This time we prepared an interview with other 3 TTLs that recently shifted to this role. Let's see how they like their new position, what challenges they face and what would be a perfect day scenario for each of them. 

Giedrius Budrys

What do you do at TeleSoftas as TTL?

I’m building teams for projects, onboarding new people, trying to boost team technical skills and spreading buzz on technical topics.
If you’re looking for new opportunities or would like to improve your skills in some technical area, but lack guidance - I’m there for you.

Also, if you encounter some cool article, video, tweet or idea in your head, but you are unsure if it’s worth sharing and disturbing colleagues, you can always share it with me. Maybe it’s brilliant stuff that needs a proper form chosen to share with others.

What do you find challenging about your work as TTL?

Understanding client’s needs and finding the best people for new projects ASAP. It requires lots of communication with all parties: ask client accurate questions to reveal the problem and purpose, then communicate that to developers, then get feedback, then discuss concerns and find a consensus - terms on which we accept new work. That’s sometimes quite a challenge for an introvert!

What would be a perfect day scenario for you?

At work:
Everyone in a team knows what, how and why is she/he doing stuff and is happy at work! :)
In personal life:
A day, when I can spin my records collection without any distractions.


Karolis Pocius

What do you do at TeleSoftas as TTL?

I feel like an extended version of rubber duck from time to time. :D I help teammates with problems they usually already know how to solve. But in all seriousness, I try to help everyone with their current issues and answer as many questions as I can. I want to make everyone feel the growth of our team and help them achieve their personal goals. 

What do you find challenging about your work as TTL?

Probably, managing time. Time is such an illusion, you always think that you have more of it, but I guess the same goes for everyone regardless of what they are doing.

What would be a perfect day scenario for you?

At work:
When meetings lineup perfectly and there is no overlap and after you finish one you can get to another without any delays. When everyone is on the same page seeking the same goals :D
In personal life:

My Perfect day would include time with my friends playing board games, seeing a brand new film in the theatre and getting a good night's sleep after everything.

Antanas Šepikas

What do you do at TeleSoftas as TTL?

I help the team grow, both in numbers and inexperience. If you're a platform member you could come to me with any questions related to project technical stuff or any question other, to be honest. If you're someone from outside the platform you could to with questions related to platform team, projects, Node.js technology in general.

What do you find challenging about your work as TTL?

Even though it's a technical role, there's a lot of soft skills stuff in it.

What would be a perfect day scenario for you?

At work:
A perfect day is when a new member of a team successfully joins a project.
In personal life:

Summer day, all day riding a bike somewhere, chilling in the evening…

Q: Nigeria seems like a good place to get new exciting projects! Do we have any future plans to spin-up sales in Nigeria?

A: Yes there are plans to get interesting projects from Nigeria. In fact, the plans are already on the way and we are close to securing our first Nigerian client. If you are interested in more information, don't hesitate to contact me. 

-Mimshach Obioha

Questions & Answers

Q: Offer jobs to refugee software developers.

A: Already in progress. All our jobs are open for Ukrainians. The specific job ad is posted on our career page as well as job boards on CVBankas, LinkedIn. Reach out to HR in case of any questions or suggestions.

-Gabija Šarkytė

Q: Did Algis really vandalize a yacht?

For more details ask Algirdas directly.

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