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Company update:


- Lots of good work and movement at TeleSoftas
- Search for the structure

Upcoming weeks' highlights:

- Blaster Lan Party
- New referrals program
- Personal Perks
- Upcoming training
- Board games crews in Kaunas and Vilnius


- Semi-improvised hackathon by PHP team


- TeleSoftas through the eyes of interns
- 3 new blogs are out


MO Museum IT Transformation

Last weeks' highlights:

- We Got People Cloud Smarter on AWS

- Administration time logging 

changeislife (4).png

Lots of good work and movement are happening at TeleSoftas

Šarūnas Putrius

So, what happened?
  • PD department no longer exists as such.

  • PD members joined other departments/teams (mainly the PO team).

  • Internal projects owned by PD are transferred to corresponding departments where they truly belong: Booky - to Operations, Time off - to HR, etc.

PD changes

First of all, I want to reiterate the reorganizational changes that happened to the PD department. We talked about it during All Teams Sync, but I got some feedback that not everybody understood the change fully.

Why this happened?
  • PD was a department relying on continuous internal TeleSoftas investments. Especially the code-for-equity program.

  • TeleSoftas did not own the business aspect of the code-for-equity Products, and we had to rely on external partners.

  • The return of investment for code-for-equity Products is very long and uncertain. We have little control over that.

  • Strategically, during this year, TeleSoftas wants to put all the FOCUS on our core business, which means that financially and effort-wise - we must put on hold the code for equity programs for now;

  • Moving internal TS products (Booky, Timeoff, etc..) to corresponding departments is just a logical change, clearly defining the ownership of those products.

What's next?
  • I want TeleSoftas (commercial) Products to be reborn in domains belonging to the upcoming Profit Centers. Where TeleSoftas will have business ownership, technological expertise and control / full responsibility for the Product.

Profit Centers
  • First Profit Centers are being shaped at the moment. I don't want to spoil what and by whom just yet - will leave the honours for the future profit center leads, who will be called Partners @TeleSoftas.

  • More information about Profit centers will be shared soon once we have finalized the concept;

  • All management people (including me) started logging time on June 1st. This will contribute greatly to identifying the cost structure for all departments and profit centers. Read more below in Audrones's post.

Kaunas office - changes incoming
  • Even though Elon Musk is making all the employees come back to the office, TeleSoftas is looking into ways to extend further the remote work culture. Especially when we have offices and Clients in multiple locations and multiple countries.

  • Currently, Kaunas office average attendance is ~40%, which means we have lots of in-effectively utilized space. Together with Reda, Gabija and Vaida, we are on this, with the Operations team leading this project to find more efficient and smart ways of working together. More info will be shared soon.

The lookout for new Platform management structures

Nerijus Eimanavičius

Together with TTLs from technical and management teams, we are in the process of finding out how the structure of Platform teams could transform to help create a more sustainable and pleasant work environment. TeleSoftas has been growing rapidly, and sometimes while managing the processes, the clear understanding of who is the responsible one and who owns certain questions gets lost. We have already noticed that the duo of STL and TTL work perfectly with some teams, and with others, it's less effective and brings frustration. To save good stuff from the Platform, TTL, TTL+STL duo concept, we work on SWOT analysis to capture that. This will allow us to maintain strengths and combat only threats and weaknesses while we are changing.


Recently there were some shifts of people moving from TTL roles to projects or other roles. We tried to fill the missing TTL positions from inside and outside. Our struggle to find the right fit shows how unique and amazing our TTLs are! This forces me to think differently and embrace the current situation as an experiment. Now we have some platforms with only STL, and TTL hunt for them is put in passive mode. 

Platforms with single leaders begin their journey from different starting positions, so I wait impatiently to see what will happen. Solo STLs are not left alone, they have support from me, Platform and other TTLs. I have to admit this structure does not come without its own challenges. TTLs already can identify problems with new Projects and their evaluations. I'm set to fix it with technical sales roles.

Meanwhile, we are in search of new Platform management structures. For now - there is no decision about TTL or STL roles, and we'll need some time and research to make any bigger decision.


 The first BLASTER LanParty:

  • Game: Quake.

  • Date & time: 29th of June, 17:30 start of the event, 18:00 start of the broadcast.

  • Location: 7th-floor terrace, Kaunas office

  • Players: We’ll nominate our best players from TeleSoftas for each round and try to win & collect the most points. At the end of summer, we’ll announce the winner company. More details about rules & points will be explained at the first event.

  • Games and dates for the next matches will be revealed soon.

Come with family or pets, and we will take care of drinks & snacks! 😉​

The Starcraft battle by Algirdas & Šarūnas gathered many of us. It was a very simple though precious moment showing that sometimes we don’t need fancy events to enjoy each other’s company. Such gathering has transformed into something bigger -  BLASTER LAN Party. This summer, we’ll have three events organized by SneakyBox, Adeo Web, Tandemum & TeleSoftas.


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Blaster Lan Party

Julija Petrošiūtė

Moments from Starcraft battle


Giedrė Matusevičiūtė

New summer referrals program - Milky Way Galaxy

Did you know that:

  • Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago.

  • During the first billion years of Earth's history, the ocean formed, and then life developed within it.

  • Humans emerged 300,000 years ago and have reached a population of almost 9 billion today.

  • Today, humanity's impact on Earth's climate, soils, waters, and ecosystems is unsustainable, threatening people's lives and causing widespread extinction of other life.

More interesting facts about our Milky Way Galaxy planets you can find HERE. 🪐

By the way, we have Tadas Maslaukas, Urtė Bankauskaitė, Robertas Petraukas, and Antanas Šiaulys, who have already stepped foot on Earth and need just 1 more step forward to reach the first PRIZE section - The comet of prizes. 

Just a reminder that starting in 2022 Referrals bonuses were increased:

  • 500 Euros - Administration positions (HR, Finance, AMs, Marketing, Sales, Operations, PMs, SMs, POs, STLs) and Junior developers, Junior QA, Junior DevOps, Junior Designers.

  • 1000 Euros - Mid or Senior developers, QA, DevOps, Designers.

  • 2000 Euros - Architect or TTL.


Meanwhile, Justinas Altaravičius moved 2 steps forward and reached the PRIZE section! Justinas, what you are going to pick? 
Wanna join the game? All the necessary information to start the game is on 

Simona Toleikytė

I know a lot of you are enjoying your Personal Perks, but I would like to share some reminders:

  • Filling out Typeform is a must. So let us know your choices by July 1st.

  • PP from the Offline category like additional work equipment or TeleSoftas Swag will be ordered shortly after the deadline (July 1st) and will reach you in about 2 weeks. We will inform you separately once your PP is available for use/pick up! 

  • Your Benme budget will be available until December 31st, so do not worry you have some time.

  • If you are still in your trial period, your PP will be available soon after your trial period ends.

All information about Personal Perks is in our Notion as usual.

Upcoming training

Rugilė Žickytė

It is summer already, guys! As it is the beginning of the vacation season, there will be no reoccurring training in July and August (e.g. Feedback, Communication, Self-care training and so on).

BUT there will be Recruitment training in July for all of those who are actively participating in the recruitment process, moderated by Aniceta Šatilo, Giedrė Matusevičiūtė and Jane Odonwodo.
If you are interested in participating and won't get an invite by the end of June - ping your STL. 

PS. On June 21st, we'll have our client&projects presentation, where Vilius Smalinskas will tell us more about projects Telesoftas is currently working on. Newcomers will be invited automatically and if you want an invitation too - shoot a message to Viktorija Budrevičė!

Board game crew in Vilnius

Aidas Aitmanas

When? Every second Thursday, 6PM (day, time or frequency might vary).
Where? In Vilnius office.
Who? Everybody who loves board games or would like to fall in love with them.
Event organizer? Aidas Aitmanas.
Channel? #vilnius-board-games.
How is everything working? Those interested can reach Aidas via g-mail aidas.aitmanas@telesoftas.com or a slack message and will be included in the group to which invitations to the organized evenings are sent. 

PS. Vilnius' kolegučiai, please do some photos! :)

Board game crew in Kaunas

Marius Lesnickas

When? Every Tuesday, 6PM (day, time or frequency might vary).
Where? In Kaunas office (B7 terrace).
Who? Everybody who loves board games or would like to fall in love with them.
Event organizer? Marius Lesnickas.
Channel? #board-games-crew.
How is everything working? Which games will be played is decided either in the channel or when gathered up each time. A calendar event is sent to everyone who marks as a participant in the channel.


Semi-improvised hackathon by PHP team

Tadas Maslauskas

After a very long time, the PHP team finally got the chance to organize a workation. In the beautiful Dabintos valley, we spent 3 days working, hacking, getting to know each other better, and having fun.
One of the days was dedicated to a semi-improvised hackathon. Three separate teams were created at random and had one day to build any simple application with one condition - use something they have not tried before.

And the results were stunning - three completely different applications were launched:

  • The blue team (Gintaras, Matas, Vytenis, Osvaldas) presented a weather API result aggregation service for surfers.

  • The green team (Gytis, Tautvydas, Vitas) created a weekly task tracking web app with a progress indicator.

  • The black team (Antanas, Justinas, Žilvinas) decided to improve time logging for kolegučiai and made Google Calendar events sync to Redmine time entries. 

The hackathon ended with an award ceremony: best presentation (blue team), best progress (green team), and best idea (black team). The black team intends to keep developing their project to make time logging easier for all TeleSoftas kolegučiai! Keep an eye open for updates!


TeleSoftas through the eyes of interns

Viktorija Budrevičė

Starting from 2022, 8 interns successfully finished the trial period and stayed to work at TeleSoftas!

Challenges, unexpected experiences, and fun moments – all of it in a few short interviews. Thanks, guys, one more time for sharing your experience!

What are the challenges you met during the internship?

The most challenging thing was understanding the business logic of how domain-driven development works. The code has to be clean and understandable to other people. So I had to learn how to "code in a team" because I did not need to think about how anyone would read my code when I was working alone.

Arnoldas Ambrasas

What was the funniest/happiest moment during your internship?

The happiest moment was when I got into Sphinx Project. My mentor Antanas was pushing us forward and always telling us that hard work will pay off. So I tried my best, and finally, after two months of internship, I got the offer to onboard into the project. And, of course, after the internship, the job offer.

What didn't you expect from your internship?

The best thing about TeleSoftas is the people. Everyone is very friendly and like a big family. You can always find help or talk with someone and have a good chit-chat. The environment in offices is very cosy.

Another thing that surprised me is that people here really know the company's values and abide by them. Like-minded people can always be found. It does not matter if you are a sportsman, gamer, or guy who likes hiking - you will always find someone who has similar interests. The amount of team building activities and other perks people get here amazes me, which is why I think I made the best decision to do an internship here.

What did you learn from the internship?

I took a lot from this internship, and I'm not talking only about technical skills but also soft skills. Our STL helped with it during our 1on1's. Talking about technical skills, I can say I learned the essential and some of the advanced concepts needed to kick start my carer. It's really good to have a mentor that supports you and guides you to the best path.

Arūnas Martinaitis

What was the funniest/happiest moment during your internship?

My happiest moment during the internship was near the end when I was offered a full-time job at TeleSoftas. I was starting to get fond of the community and its work ethic, which I really enjoy and respect. I see a lot of opportunities for improvement here, so I'm happy that I can continue my journey here.

What didn't you expect from your internship?

To be honest, I didn't expect it to be anything like it was. I didn't expect it to be so well structured. I didn't think I would get so much support from my team. Everyone was willing to help me improve.

What did you learn from the internship?

I have learned not only programming skills but also other social skills. From the programming side, I have learned to program in Java using the Spring Boot framework and learned some tricks with git and other useful technologies. I learned to communicate my ideas better and conquered my fear of speaking in English.

Benas Strauka

What didn't you expect from your internship?

I didn't expect that TTL Giedrius Budrys would be my mentor for the internship. I thought that a mid or a senior would look after me. It was nice to learn from someone that has tons of experience and a really good understanding of technologies and can answer all of my dumb questions 😄. 

What was the funniest/happiest moment during your internship?

When the other two interns and I worked on our bachelors in the office after work hours. Usually, the final university project is stressful and tedious, but we had a great quality time together and helped each other.

Volunteering in Kaunas Remand Prison

Daumantė Eidukevičiūtė

You may have heard and wondered – why someone would choose to volunteer in Remand Prison? It was a purely experimental and organic process derived from a little group of motivated people who wanted to spend their free time on something meaningful. This experiment resulted in a concrete action plan, an actual volunteering project, and collaboration with the governmental institution.

Every other week, on Saturdays, a group of five people (me, Šarūnas Putrius, Rasa Šataitė, Audronė Salygienė and Rugilė Žickytė) exchanged visits to the detainees and conducted classes on self-knowledge, communication, and reintegration into the labour market.

I must say that I was positively surprised by the motivation of Kaunas Remand Prison officers and resocialisation specialists to help us organise our program and conduct our classes. You may read the whole article about social responsibility and volunteering experience on TeleSoftas blog.

Welcome to the team!

Ingrida Bartkutė 
Soft Team Lead

Ovidijus Bičkus 

JAVA Developer

Sviatlana Ramanauskas
Human Resources Intern

You can also read introductions of previous months' newcomers HERE


MO Museum IT Transformation Project

Laura Lančinskaitė

MO museum is looking more than just for IT services. They seek for business partners knowledgable in technology - to shape and build MO's business future together. They want a partner that can guide, advise and take ownership.
Our CEO Šarūnas Putrius after talking with the CEO of the MO Museum, Milda Ivanauskienė - saw that it's a perfect match for both organisations and decided to partner up for the task. 

  • MO Museum is a modern art museum in Vilnius, Lithuania. MO invites visitors to attend exhibitions, film screenings, educational activities, concerts and events geared to all age groups;

  • Project start date - June 6th;

  • Already working on the project:

- Marius Vitkevičius - Systems architect;

- Artūras Valenta - Designer;

- Ieva Neverdauskaitė - Designer;

- Oksana Semeniuk - Data Analyst;

- Šarūnas Putrius - Enabler, ideas generator and communication specialist;

- Laura Lančinskaitė - Account Manager.

What is the main goal of the project?

The main goal of the project is to transform the MO museum's IT infrastructure and prepare it for the digital future. 

The project will seek to improve the virtual infrastructure of the museum and user experience to ensure the smooth operation of the systems and to keep pace with the latest technologies.

Project activities
  1. Audit and analysis of existing information systems;

  2. Development of a new information systems architecture project;

  3. Service design;

  4. UX audit;

  5. System modernization and installation maintenance;

  6. Modernization of the electronic museum guide system.


Julija Petrošiūtė

With the team power of Java, Node.js and DevOps platforms, last Thursday, we organized a second knowledge sharing event. We covered the Cloud and AWS & took some time to bond with fellow developers. Congrats to Pijus, Stephen and Denis for taking the challenge & sharing the mastery you hold. Not to forget Nerijus, whose jokes sparked some smiles and helped the event go smoothly.

Thinking you have some good to share with others? Approach me & share your ideas I can make it come alive.😉

Audronė Zelbienė

One of the recently Šarūnas' presented ideas on TeleSoftas' future is to strengthen our company's Profitability. And here we are, already working on this idea - starting on the 1'st of June, all TeleSoftas administration departments started logging their working hours to Redmine (Adana platform). 

Why was this necessary, you may ask? 

Here are the main bullet points:

  • if we want to know the accurate Profitability of our projects and the company, we must know costs the projects in question require. Our STL, TTL, HR, and not to mention the BizDev team all work with clients in a way, and their working hours are part of the costs.

  • Logging time will allow accurate identification of customers' costs, and we will be able to make better and more efficient decisions. 

  • Time logging will help to optimize administration departments' work, show how much time we spend on implementing internal projects and anticipate how we should arrange our work.

It is far to guess how we will manage to get used to this process, but I believe that understanding the necessity and positive outcome will help us walk those 500 miles and many more. 

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