TeleSoftas is celebrating ISO certification

Šarūnas Putrius

Hey, beautiful TeleSoftas people!


Happy New Year 2022! Let it bring happiness and some good challenges that will help us grow!

TeleSoftas is starting 2022 with another #stepForward. On December 30th, BUREAU VERITAS LIT granted an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 security certification for TeleSoftas.

It is not only a pleasant document to look at but has some sweet benefits:

  • We will be more trustworthy in our current customers’ eyes

  • Certification will help us to win new deals

  • The certification helped us improve security processes and security awareness internally

  • Certification will push us to improve in the future, as it will have to be renewed yearly

  • And last but not least we can place a nice ISO logo on our website and marketing materials :)


Have a safe and secure year ahead!


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The kick-start of 2022

Gabija Šarkytė

The past year has been challenging yet fruitful in terms of people-related initiatives (Personal Perks, Vaiku Svajones), out-of-the-box solutions (i.e., office in Nigeria), successful events (Blaster opening, Node.JS conference, summer & winter parties), and career moves - besides 75 new hires we had a number of people taking a step up, left or right within TeleSoftas.

Bigger focus on belonging & hope

However, in the face of the great resignation, the average tenure of employees is decreasing dramatically around the globe; thus, getting back to the roots - a sense of meaning, belonging, and hope - is crucial. With the start of 2022, we wish to focus more on:

  • Belonging – feeling connected and appreciated by others;

  • Hope - looking forward to experiences that lift our spirit.

New initiatives in Q1

Increased referral bonus from now

Almost 1/3 of our hires come from referrals; thus, it's critical to stay competitive and appreciate your efforts in bringing awesome people to the tribe. Stay tuned for new job ads and check for more information here. 

Work Anniversaries start in February

We're happy to have YOU, and we want to celebrate this with all community members throughout the year. Do you track how many years you're part of TeleSoftas? A little bit of a SWAG combined with some greetings can definitely lift a spirit! 

Personal Perks


We had a lot of challenges during last year with Personal Perks (and you had felt some of them) but we are really proud they started and now we are on a way to make them even better! More information will come by the end of Q1, so please be patient.


Cheeky Elf confession

Two weeks before Christmas Eve, Audronė, Lina, and Daumantė started a prank of Cheeky Elf in Kaunas Office. The little doll was messing with us in #kaunasteam slack channel and leaving chaos in our cabinets. Everything started when Lina invited Audronė to a Facebook group to see what pranks Cheeky Elf does to the kids. They came up with the idea to do such a thing in Kaunas office, and the first post reached us.

Struggles to catch the Cheeky Elf

The main target was Audronė. Ones wrote to Cheeky Elf directly, changed their Slack profile into Cheeky Elfs' (yes, Karolis Dėnas, talking about you) or were teasing Audronė eye to eye. Renatas Mandrijauskas even called to Cheeky Elf (Audronė didn't respond). Surprisingly, she was the one rummaging our cabinets in the dark, taking photos with a flashlight so that no one would see her. 

All in all, all three of them were creating poems for slack, commenting back below Elf's posts and covering each other. They were having fun while deceiving us & creating evil plans for the following nights to tease us even more.

Secret was revealed - all three names guessed

Viktorija (me) and Aušra unravelled Cheeky Elf. Aušra did a deeper investigation and found Cheeky Elf's phone number in the TimeOff which belongs to Audronė. Lina gave herself away accidentally, and Daumantė's name was a guess.
Meanwhile, I was just attentive to details. I felt that Lina & Audronė are included in this for sure. But then I remembered all of them coming to the Christmas party like three musketeers and everything became clear. 

Final word from the Cheeky Elf

"Overall Cheeky Elf was created by all Kaunas office colleagues! The primary Elf character was totally different. It is wonderful to have a team that can be partners in crime as well as have a community that can shape your little Christmas product to the scale that you have never imagined. So thank you everybody for your involvement!"

                                                                     -Audronė, Daumantė & Lina

If you want to see all the mess Cheeky Elf was making in Kaunas office join #kaunasteam channel!

One more confession of TeleSoftas' Agile Team Lead 

"At the time I already did not get along with the concept of a project manager. Client this, product such, deadline there, we need it done yesterday, this is not what client wanted, I know this might be better but do it like the client wants etc. It wasn’t uncommon to hear me talk about never wanting to be a project manager. Oh how little did I know and naive I was..."


Romualdas Įsoda

Many strong business ideas and innovations fail to see daylight due to the lack of technological skills or financing. That is why PD Department in Telesoftas runs Code4Equity an incubator program to accelerate brave business ideas.

What do we offer?

Co-financing of the product development (applications, websites, and platforms or the entire solution) through design and development services.

The latest partner - Aichom

We are thrilled to announce the latest successful launch of Aichom mobile application for Apple devices!


Aichom - for families of people with dementia. Aichom offers a free Caregiver's library with evidence-based resources on caregiving & caregiver's wellbeing. Our mobile application allows pairing an Apple smartwatch and tracking patients' location and alerts in case of emergency.

Do you have a dream business idea too? 💡

We strongly encourage our Kolegučiai community members to apply to Code4Equity by pitching their dream business ideas filling in a questionnaire that will help to go deeper into the business journey and find a tech partner. Congrats Jonas Meidus, Marius Garšvas, Marius R. who already did it!

There are two kinds of cryptography in this world: cryptography that will stop your kid sister from reading your files, and cryptography that will stop major governments from reading your files. 

 Bruce Schneier


Happy Tribe: Impact of Soft Team Leads

Vaida Žliobaitė, Rugilė Žickytė, Justas Kupčinckas

Telesoftas as a company has a special and modern structure. Each person in our organization has two identities: one related to the Project team and another connected to the main technology - the Platform team. This structure allows us to improve as professionals, develop our skills, and at the same time create connections with other colleagues. 

One of the platform features is the Soft Team Lead - a person who takes care of platform team members' happiness and growth. This role is unique, evolved from our failures and successes, and develops every day. 

First steps of STL role implementation to other companies

We see this role's value and truly believe that we could help to create that value in other organizations. So, at the end of 2021, we started the first steps towards creating the system of implementing Soft Team Leads to other companies. After dozens of brainstorming sessions, we sent our first offer to the potential client, and now we are holding our breath while waiting for an answer.

Mix between service and product

At this moment, we see this system as a mix between service and a product. It consists of a few stages: investigation, training for management, STL role involvement, STLs hiring, training, support and development.

It is just the beginning. We are prepared to be agile and modify if needed, as we always do here at TeleSoftas. At the same time -  we are determined to help other organizations develop sustainable people-first culture and make the world a better place.


New LinkedIn covers

Julija Petrošiūtė

Have you ever had a thought that our future kolegučiai might be spying on you? 😄 and oooooh, they are!

While researching the company and its culture, candidates are also snooping on their future colleagues and trying to understand what kind of people they will be working with and if they will be a good fit.

So let’s unite & use this opportunity to spread the word about TeleSoftas & let them know us by changing our LinkedIn covers to newly baked visuals.

Welcome on board to our newcomers!

Jegor Klimentjev
Node.js developer 

Robertas Spranginas
Office Support Specialist

Gytis Tolenis
Frontend developer

Martynas Abrutis
.NET developer

Artūras Sotničenko
Node.js developer

You can read introductions and get to know better our new colleagues HERE.

Christmas party photos, video & song

Simona Toleikytė

  • Pictures - HERE

  • Video - HERE.

  • TeleSoftas rap song - HERE.

  • And while you relive party memories, please fill out this feedback form & help us make TeleSoftas parties even better! 

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