Stepping into 2022

Šarūnas Putrius

Hey beautiful TeleSoftas people!

It's an honour to write the first chapter in the first TeleSoftas newsletter. I feel like an editor in chief giving an opening line in a magazine (but just between you and me, the real chief editor is Viktorija, who is making this newsletter happen :).


2021 was a long year, really: Corona...working from home…questioning the purpose of life…TeleSoftas summer party...vaccines...Omicron…luckily closing the year with hip-hop rhythms. 🙂


Everything might seem slow and frozen and even dull in times like that. Might seem.

In reality, times like that are an accelerator for change. It's the time when the mountains start moving. It's the time when we start believing that we are capable of more.

TeleSoftas is not an exception. I believe 2021 it's just a small teaser for the upcoming transformations. I hear the beehive buzz increasing:


  • Production department management transformations. I am so proud of Nerijus Eimanavičius, Vaida Žliobaitė, Yannick Vanderstraeten, Raimundas Bučius for taking over the production department wheel from me. These guys stepped forward and accepted enormous responsibility for the Telesoftas tribe. Thank you!

  • Having less on my plate in the production department, I can work closer with Algirdas, shaping TeleSoftas and enabling Algirdas to spend even more time promoting Telesoftas and attracting customers and investments. 

  • TTLs role reshaping and splitting into two branches: the one closer to the business and the one closer to the tech domain and teams. 

  • New TTLs stepping up and taking the lead - I can not thank you guys enough for the initiative and ownership you take. 💗

  • Nigerian office. I know it's something distant and not real for some of you, but it IS happening! January, we get the first developers to join our community. In no time, we will be working in mixed multi-continental teams! This is so big!

  • Everyone who is taking a new role this year, accepting a challenge in a new project, going an extra mile in your work, starting a new initiative. You all are the core engine of TeleSoftas driving us forward!


I wish for us not to slow down in 2022 and hope we will be meeting each other more in person in the upcoming year. I am sure live interactions do miracles to our creativity, psychological health and happiness.

Finally, I made a pact with Viktorija: I will keep sharing the TeleSoftas' updates, news and insights in this newsletter. In the meantime, feel free and approach me with suggestions or questions you want me to talk about. That would be helpful. 🙂


Section for your questions to be answered

 In every TeleSoftas Today issue, you will find answers to a few questions given to us in previous weeks. You can always ask your question by leaving them in the Ask a question section at the top of the page 👆 or clicking this button below 👇. 
Also, feedback or suggestions are more than welcome too!


TeleSoftas goes skiing

Old traditions are back! TeleSoftas is reviving a tradition to go skiing! Next year at the end of January, 55 people in total, including TeleSoftas colleagues, their friends/relatives and other guests, are going skiing in Italy to Madonna di Campiglio skiing resort. 

Good luck to everybody! Please come back healthy and have a great time together. 🤞
Registration for the trip is already finished. If you feel interested don't miss the registration next year!


No commercial gifts for clients this year!

Daumantė Eidukevičiūtė

This Christmas TeleSoftas has decided to gift its closest clients and partners a virtual donation to three different social initiatives that make life easier for those in need.

  1. PB "Volunteers for Children"

  2. PB "Animal Welfare Initiatives"

  3. PB "Dignity Home"

So exciting! We are about to make someone's Christmas a little bit brighter this year.

English lessons

The 2nd semester of learning English is already arriving. Those who didn't join in Autumn can do it now! 🤓

⛄ Start day of the 2nd semester: 2022.01.10 

🌱 End date of the 2nd semester: 2022.05.31

🌞 Holidays: 2022.05.31-2022.09.12

🏁 Registration deadline for the 2nd semester: 2022.12.20 

🚀 Starting again with the 1st semester: 2022.09.12

 Internal Training

  • After the registration, you will receive an e-mail from with an invitation to do the test. After gathering all participants ' information, we'll inform you about your group, time, and teacher 

  • Lessons format: online

  • English lessons in groups are provided by TeleSoftas NOT from your personal training budget.  If you want individual lessons you have to pay from your personal training budget, you can discuss more with your STL.

  • If you skip 50% of the lessons with no reasonable reason in one month, sorry, but you’ll be kicked out of the group.


Sharing is caring!

Žydrūnė Spranginė

Since I am quite fresh in the TeleSoftas community, some time ago in #offtopic channel, I asked colleagues to share if someone is doing or selling various products and things that would be awesome as Christmas presents. And now I am sharing those colleagues businesses who responded! 😊

Karolis Dėnas

Andrius Simanavičius

Dominykas Orda

Julija Petrošiūtė

Romualdas Įsoda

Nutritious and delicious food products created in Lithuania.
With code kolegučiai you get 7% off on everything (except gift sets). You can choose to "pick it up at the store" and Karolis will deliver the order to the Kaunas office.

Creating soap that looks like food and smells like food (sweet foods).
With code KOLEGUCIAI you get 15% off!

Dog accessories brand - made and handcrafted in Lithuania with a big love for the dogs. The website is on hold, so write directly to Dominykas with the link if you want to buy something.

Emotion Created By Motion.

Goods and services for families to move with kids and babies comfortably.

Communication games for couples and friends which were designed to get people into exceptionally entertaining, meaningful, and even intriguing conversations.

Branches! Branches everywhere!

Marius Vitkevičius

At this point, most TeleSoftas developers should be familiar with Trunk Based Development, which is quite a widely used branching strategy in our company (be sure to read the intro if you are hearing about this for the first time). 

TBD promises faster development by trusting your fellow programmers more (*cough* push directly to master *cough*) and moving the responsibility of tight code control from humans to the Continuous Integration tools. Not everyone is comfortable merging to master without two approvals from a team. That's why we often see tight rules on using pull requests. These pesky enforcements are hampering the spirit of TBD! Reviewing every line of code is not a holy grail, shipping working software is a holy grail!

And all this rant is only to recommend a fine recent article about an unorthodox, but sound branching strategy called Ship/Show/Ask. It does not add anything new to the table but argues very well about the balance between delivery time and clean code utopia.

Tales from outside


£1m grant to 

Vilius Smalinskas

Congratulations to our Session team (part of Stage) for being the first startup ever that received a joint investment from Spotify and YouTube Music worth a nice 1 mln British Pounds.

Oh, by the way, in case you didn't know they are working with Bjorn from ABBA!

Quizmart App V2

Julija Gavrilova

Huge update from Quizmart! On the 29th of November, we have refreshed the whole product!

The most significant change is that now players can play paid quizzes. Everyone can create paid quizzes and receive credits from people playing them. Every player has to pay 1 credit for every paid question that is in a game. Those credits are directly transferred to the quiz creator. Players gain credits either by buying it with credit/debit cards or creating paid quizzes.


What's more new? 

🤩 Design changes
🤩 Credit history
🤩 Ability to rejoin ongoing games
🤩 Added collections of quizzes in the library
🤩 Share and join games using QR

Thanks to everybody who contributed to creating this kick-ass V2. The results speak for themselves!
I would like to invite everybody to try out the updated Quizmart app by playing a special edition quiz - 10 facts that you didn't know about Algirdas! 

Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.

 Ralph Johnson


An interview with freshly baked TTLs

Eglė Girčė

For the first TeleSoftas newsletter, we decided to take an interview with freshly baked TTLs and find out how they like their new role, what challenges they face. Also, we asked one offtopic question. 🤸‍♂️

We will try to take an interview with other new TTLs for the next TeleSoftas Today. 😎 

What do you do at Telesoftas as TTL?

Tadas Maslauskas

One of the things I do is having Growth Sessions with my developers - identifying growth direction and organising tailored challenges and katas to help grow their skills. I help organise other learning opportunities, such as finding conferences to participate in or making sure everyone knows about Advent of Code, and we can have a friendly competition. Also, I help on projects a bit when the team faces harder challenges; I try to find ways to overcome all obstacles to move forward.

I'm the team lead for Telesoftas' agile community. I support the Scrum Masters of your projects with their professional growth and challenges while they are taking care of you! At the same time, I advise all levels of Telesoftas in any agile questions or situations they might find themselves in. Whether that's what agile setup would benefit a new incoming project, helping a team understand Jira or Scrum, doing a presentation on agility, everything goes!

Rokas Jasonas

Currently, I'm still transitioning to a full TTL role from the Android dev position, but I'm already talking to possible clients, doing estimates and collecting ideas/tasks, which I plan to do when I finish my transition. And boy, oh boy, that list is getting long.

What’s something you find challenging about your work as TTL?

Tadas Maslauskas

Managing my schedule :) I'm still partly working on a project so it takes extra effort to juggle meetings and switch contexts constantly.

At the risk of sounding cliché, managing my time efficiently. Between keeping a Scrum project team (can't preach what you don't practice), taking over care of all Scrum Masters and being involved in a million and one things, varying from recruitment to salary planning, new projects and everything in between. It's been a challenge to keep all that somewhat structured and moving. But I'm learning, and it's easier to see the trees through the forest every day. :)

Rokas Jasonas

Handling all the power I have now. Muhaahahaha

If you could only have three apps on your smartphone, which would you pick? 

Tadas Maslauskas

The 1st one - Swedbank App.
The 2nd one - NotionLastly - Brilliant - cool way to pass time solving puzzles and learning something in the process.

Oooof, for me it'd be: Discord, Whatsapp, StuBru (my favourite Belgian radio station).

Rokas Jasonas

Galimybiu Pasas, Google Play, Settings

Fulfilled 53 kids dreams

Viktorija Budrevičė

This year, TeleSoftas together with Vaikų svajonės, stepped into a new tradition and fulfilled the 53 kids dream. We believe next year, even more kids dreams will come true with the help of our community! 

Decorated the offices

Lina Andriuškevičienė

Huge thanks to everybody who contributed to making the TeleSoftas offices prepared for the most beautiful holidays of the year. Our community is a real fortune!

Had a hip-hop party

Simona Toleikytė

The long-awaited Christmas Party was a total BLAST!
Thank you to all of you who participated and made all the vibes!
And biggest thank you to Cuba & Justas V. and everyone else who helped and supported us throughout the organization process!

See you next time! 🧡

Celebrated Algirdas birthday'

Modestas Rimeikis won 5000€ + TS SWAG for listing TS colleagues names without any notes, just straight from his heart!

Moved in a hyp-hop rhythms together with G&G Sindikatas

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