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Company update:


- Changing the remote team mindset. 
TeleSoftas mid-year review.

Upcoming weeks' highlights:

- GameDev meetup.
- Step Forward to Internship. 

- Survey about 'TeleSoftas Today'


- Newly graduates.
- Tribe hobbies sharing. 


- New project - Spirent.

Last weeks' highlights:

- Blaster Lan Party.

- Summer Party.
- Tech community meetup in Lagos. 




Šarūnas Putrius

Telesoftas is an international company. Our customers are from all over the globe, and IT talent pool borders are no longer local.


For a business like ours to grow and be successful - we have no choice but to increase our international presence. This means being able to employ people and teams in different locations effectively. 


Changing to a remote team's mindset is a journey and might require more effort and adjustments than one can expect.


I remember when we opened the Vilnius office and the mind-shift we had to overcome to hire teams in a fresh new location, the doubts about hiring managers and leading roles there. For a long time, there was resistance from accounts to add Vilnius in our job ads. Now all this seems like a bad dream and surreal, and the value Vilnius office has brought to the organization is priceless.

Lately, I have been experiencing a deja-vu :)

Again we feel the same pain in expanding to Klaipeda and Abuja. Projects and platforms need convincing to accept a new location in their job ads. 


The internal resistance is not obvious, often indirect, but real. 

The hesitation in saying “Yes” for a remote colleague is resistance; the preference to have a colleague in the same city (even if the majority of us still work from home) is resistance, and feeling frustrated to onboard a person from another location is a resistance.


And yes - expanding and doing all those things to facilitate remote teams is an effort.

But compared to the value the global work culture can bring, it is so ‘tiny winy.’

  • It unlocks talent pool access; 

  • It enriches TelesSftas culture and expands our organizational mindset;

  • It creates new business opportunities and attracts new customers;

  • It allows us to win extensive and more exciting projects;

  • It gives us the much-needed ability to scale and will enable us to build a more prominent, more prosperous organization.

Call to action

As an international organization, we need the above benefits to grow and be successful. This is our strategic angle to create impact and value in the world. It is not a fancy whim; it's a necessity.


So, anytime you are presented with an opportunity to work with someone from another city or country, please say YES and be OPEN. Be supportive of a new colleague, as they will be carrying our flag in a new horizon (which is hard enough in itself). 

It’s #telesoftasONE - no matter where you are working from.

TeleSoftas mid-year review

When: 4th of August.
Where: Kaunas 7th floor terrace and online.

What to expect:

In this event, you will hear how we were doing in the first half a year of 2022, where are we heading and where our priorities are at the moment. I and the team will cover the growth of people, news clients, actions taken to increase our happiness and wellbeing, address financial results, share the changes & our achievements in the past half a year. 


We’d like to have a two-side conversation and hear what interests you. Share with us what you would like us to cover in the event or answer in a Q&A session. 


How do you like TeleSoftas Today? 

Viktorija Budrevičė

In these hybrid work times, we aim to keep you all informed and share the culture we cherish so much and the newsletter covers a big part of it. So, with our precious newsletter reaching the 8th issue milestone, we wanted to ensure that it is indeed meeting the goals we set by providing each kolegutis with access to all the necessary information as well as building trust and transparency. Which is why we would appreciate it if you took the time to answer a few short questions to help us evaluate 'TeleSoftas Today' newsletter so we can improve it.

Happy to see your interest in TeleSoftas Today news!

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- Knock! Knock!

- Who's there?

- It's the new TeleSoftas "Step forward to internship" program! 🚀

We are excited to introduce the new & improved internship program: "Step Forward to Internship". It has the division into two sessions: SPRING & AUTUMN. With your help, young talents will experience the growth of skills through a knowledge-sharing culture. They will get to work with mentors & the teams as well as have the opportunity to participate in community activities. On top of that, interns will learn how incredible it is to have people who root for them and want to see them succeed!

Step Forward to Internship

Žydrūnė Spranginė 

Martyna Beinarytė 

GameDev meetup

Julija Petrošiūtė

Kaunas GameDev community together with BLASTER invites everyone to a one-of-a-kind event on July 14th - Kaunas GameDev Rooftop Party.
Come and meet old friends, make some new ones, play some games and enjoy the party. Professionals and hobbyists from all creative industries fields are welcome to participate as well!

Location: Kaunas office, 7th-floor terrace.
Time: from 6 pm.
Rooftop Party is hosted by SneakyBox, TutoTOONS, and TeleSoftas.
As always - tasty drinks and snacks.


Congrats on Stepping Forward!!!

Congratulations to our newly graduated tribe members! We are happy to see you grow and chase new knowledge. We hope our values here at TeleSoftas encourage you to continue learning and sharing discoveries along the way. 

Urtė Bankauskaitė
Data Scientist

Agnė Semonavičiūtė
iOS Developer

Audrius Žalnaravičius
Java Developer

Karolis Sipavičius
iOS Developer

Mantas Matijošaitis
Java Developer

Martyna Beinarytė
Talent Sourcer

Tautvydas Dževečka
Node.js Developer

Ieva (1).png

Ieva Šlipaitienė
Frontend Developer

Tomas Odinas
Java Developer

Simonas Bansevičius

.NET Developer

Emma Lev

Robertas Petrauskas
Data Engineer


tribe hobbies 3.png

Tribe hobbies sharing 

Emma Lev

As our community grows, we must remember that our tribe is full of interesting people with unique talents. For that reason, we bring some of those hobbies to light. Hopefully, it will encourage you to share your talents with us too ;)

Marius Kavoliūnas - our mechanical keyboard builder

"Around the beginning of the quarantine, I switched from a regular mouse to a verticle mouse. This change led to an issue; I kept hitting my new mouse against my keyboard, prompting me to consider getting a new one. Around that time, there was a lot of hype for mechanical keyboards, so I thought I would try it. Initially, I was looking for a low-profile one, but no one was shipping to LT during the pandemic, leaving me with the need to design and build my keyboard. Since then, I have made a few keyboards, but you can see the journey of building my first one here"

Any advice you might have for beginners?

"If you are interested in trying it for yourself, I suggest starting by falling down the YouTube rabbit hole and then researching the specific later, once you know what you want out of your keyboard". 

Tautvydas Karvelis - our very own Hawkeye

"Four years ago, I got a coupon for 2 hours of shooting with a bow and arrow. It was the first time I had tried it, and I liked it a lot. During this first shooting experience, the archery coach told me they also sell complete bow sets (including arrows, some paper targets, safety equipment, etc.) for beginners. A week later, I returned to the same archery field and purchased that set. I was so excited! It was summer, so I brought a new bow to my village and asked my neighbour to get some hay rolls where I could hang the target. Since then, I kept shooting for around an hour per day for a month until September came, and I had to return to the Netherlands for my studies. However, as soon as I returned to the Netherlands, I found an archery club next to my city, and I attended the training for the entire school year".

Any advice you might have for beginners?

"The archery practice is not very popular in Lithuania. But there are some clubs. The first step for anyone who wants to start would be to go to any archery club and try to shoot for a few hours with THEIR equipment and decide if you like it. Please don't buy anything before you get into it and you're enjoying it! Also, during the summer, most training occurs outside (i.e. Vingio parkas). So, don't hesitate to try, just go to the club!"

Eivinas Nagurka - our balancing master 

"I started getting tired of simply going to the gym because I ran out of motivation for that. So I needed to find a new activity that would be fun and would strengthen my lower body. As I was looking for something, a friend offered to try slacklining out; Once I tried, it really stuck with me".

Any advice you might have for beginners?

"There is a community in both Kaunas and Vilnius where people gather around to hang their slacks, and everyone is welcome to try it out. When it comes to those who are just starting out, it is essential to remember that the first few attempts will not be successful. But keep your head high, look forward and be stubborn. Of course, it would be great not to forget to breathe (it has happened a couple of times already)".

Welcome to the team!

Miglė Janušaitytė 

Soft Team Lead 

Rasa Grekavičė
Soft Team Lead

Irmantas Ramanauskas 
Frontend Developer

Yusef Savid
AI Intern 

Mindaugas Širvys
JAVA Developer 

Dainius Valuzis.png

Dainius Valužis
Data Engineer

Titas Jonaitis 
AI Intern 

  • Spirent - is the leading global provider of automated tests and assurance solutions for networks, cybersecurity, and positioning.

  • Project start date - June 1st.

  • Already working on the project:

    • Bart Kappel - Principal Architect.

    • Nauris Augulis - System Architect.

    • Ovidijus Bickus - Engineer.

    • Aidas Vagonis  - AM

New project - Spirent

Dominykas Orda

In this project, TeleSoftas will help build Spirent's core data platform, which will eventually serve as the backbone of the business. Throughout this project, we will be in direct contact with the stakeholders and help them create a product roadmap, best practices, etc.


The project team will be working on Spirent's VisionWorks. This product is a complex orchestration of different services, allowing Telecom providers to monitor, analyze, plan and troubleshoot their telco networks. The product ingests data from different sources and telecom hardware providers; it stores this data in different formats and models, which are later used for analysis. 

Together with the Spirent Engineers, our team will build features and extend this Platform. The solution stack we'll provide combines different programming languages and services orchestrated via Kubernetes. Besides programming, testing is also a big part of the solution and the project; Spirent is aiming for fully-automated tests.

Why is this project cool?
  • We're joining the solution in its early stage. 

  • Technical ownership: we'll have the power to make decisions and lead the delivery roadmap together with Spirent.

  • This project builds on the expertise and experience we gained, as an organization, during our projects with Viavi. Therefore we can utilize our telco expertise again.

  • This project covers the following new and exciting technologies:

    • 5G / 6G

    • docker/Kubernetes

    • micro-services 

    • Fully automated testing

  • This project also includes working with and on the OpenRan concept; this is a new open-source technology for sharing RAN-related data, allowing all telco-vendors to integrate in a standardized way the product is built during this project.


Summer party

Simona Toleikytė

Hello, thank you all for participating in our annual TeleSoftas Summer Party!
I'm glad cepelinai colored sky did not scare you and hope that Kilishi treat from Nigeria kept you warm. 🌶️
Hope you had enough time to bond with your kolegučiai and learned a bit more about Nigeria even though the party was in Lithuania! 
And last, but most definitely not least, we just proved that TeleSoftas parties don't need a cover band, we are the best entertainers ourselves! 

#TS2022 demo-7
#TS2022 demo-7

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#TS2022 demo-3
#TS2022 demo-3

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#TS2022 demo-21
#TS2022 demo-21

press to zoom
#TS2022 demo-7
#TS2022 demo-7

press to zoom

As usual, please help us make our parties even better by filling out the feedback form. It means a lot to us!❤️


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Tech Community meetup in Lagos

Jane Odonwodo.png

Jane Odonwodo

As a part of our proactive plans to build the talent pipeline for the Nigeria office, we took an exciting leap to organize a meet-up of Tech Community leads in Lagos. During the meet-up, we discussed everything from the flow of talents in the Nigeria Tech ecosystem to life as an Engineer at TeleSoftas.


Following our company values of Mastery and Community, we see the positive ripples we create by collaborating with these communities. By sharing the knowledge, we bring forward many possibilities for skill and career advancement for their community members and strengthen our position as partners and thought leaders.


Julija Petrošiūtė

On 29th June, we had a Quake III LAN Party on the 7th-floor terrace. One of the three BLASTER community Lan Parties this summer.

There was a true battle between the CEOs of BALSTER companies which was won by Liudas from SneakyBox with him collecting 3 points. Though Šarūnas was close in some matches, Liudas didn’t give up and held the lead position until the end. After this round, there seemed to be little hope of winning the whole game. But the power of TeleSoftas community and skills showed there is nothing impossible! Our guys Tautvydas Petkus, Justinas Altaravičius, Ridas Bušmanas and Andrius Klimavičius showed class and won all four matches in a row which brought the victory to TeleSoftas.

Glory to the team! 

The second BALSTER Lan Party hosted by Adeo Web is coming in July. More info will come soon.

The game we play will be a surprise. Wanna guess which it will be? Leave your guess in this field and win a prize from TeleSoftas. You have three days to guess!

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