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Company update:


  • H1 Review.


  • D.Octo


  • Adaptability - the Number One Power Skill.

  • Our uniqueness in our hobbies.

Last weeks' highlights:

  • Summer Referrals program – Milky Way Galaxy.

  • Our visit to Kurt König in Germany. 

  • Richard's Top 5 moments in Lithuania 

  • Node.js Event Loop Klaipėda.

  • Newsletter survey results.

  • Parental leave changes.

  • Summer party video.

Company update.png

H1 Review 

Šarūnas Putrius

Dear Kolegučiai!


Thank you for attending the first company results presentation. I want you to know that without you - TeleSoftas wouldn't exist!

Following this notion, the event's purpose was to build connection and understanding between employees, myself and the organization. Thank you for the questions and the fruitful discussions some of you initiated afterwards!

I wish this event would become a tradition, gathering us together quarterly. 

The recording can be found in this newsletter.

I would also like to reiterate the key highlights from the presentation:
  1. All of you are doing a great job! TeleSoftas is doing well. The growth of revenues and employee count is steady and healthy. Our customer portfolio is well diversified and steadily growing. 

  2. But all is not perfect. Our company profitability is not where it needs to be. At the moment, we are at a low of a mere- 2.8%. The target is 10% +. 

  3. The foundation of professional service companies is the three pillars that must be balanced at all times while maintaining equal importance: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, EMPLOYEE HAPPINESS, COMPANY FINANCIAL SUCCESS (PROFITABILITY).

  4. Various initiatives and activities are taking place to improve our profitability and financial success.

  5. The Profit Centres initiative is one of them. It starts with a mindset shift and rolls gradually, eventually leading to a more robust organizational structure.

  6. Better profits are not only for shareholders! They are equally for meeting TeleSoftas employees' expectations: better incentives and rewards, more investment into our community, mastery and wellbeing.

H1 (2)
H1 (2)

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Service company
Service company

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H1 (2)
H1 (2)

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We want to hear your thoughts and learn the ways TeleSoftas reviews can improve. Please, take a minute to & reflect

Algirdas and I once visualized TeleSoftas as an autonomous organism that multiplies and grows. This organism is intelligent and lovable. But you can also see it as a galaxy, a constellation of stars that transcends borders, is limitless, beautiful and complex.

#ChangeIsLife #TeleSoftasGlobal #StepForward

How did you join the event?

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Upcoming weeks highlights.png

Step Forward to Internship

Martyna Beinarytė 

Put your hands together for the opening of the “Step forward to Internship” Autumn session!


As you know, we love growing TeleSoftas through our personal networks, as it helps us ensure that our team is joined by the best of the best. So, we encourage YOU to share the open internship positions, Data Engineer, Android & Visual Content Creator interns, with your friends and connections on LinkedIn and Facebook.


To make it easy, we’ve curated a list of content you can use: 

  • Share our internship page and express/write why people should apply for an internship at TS. Maybe even share your internship story ;)

  • Share a specific position with your network via LinkedIn or Facebook platforms.

  • Share our internship video.


Let’s spread the news & invite young talents to TeleSoftas! 🚀

The Last BLASTER Lan Party

Julija Petrošiūtė

BLASTER's Fall Guys Lan party was a blast! Ridas Bušmanas
brought us one victory & Jerry the Carry showed the class by winning two out of three rounds, carrying TeleSoftas to the victory!
Watching the game online was entertaining, and having guys joining from both Vilnius & Abuja offices was terrific!


The next and Final BLASTER LAN Fest round will be on the last Thursday of the summer – the 25th.
The game:
Worms W.M.D
Rules: Will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for them!

We are joining forces with Tandemum to cover this round. Let's close the summer with another win! 

changeislife (4).png

Adaptability - the Number One Power Skill

Vaida Žliobaitė

Vaida Žliobaitė 

Our world is ever-changing, and the tech industry shows it perfectly. Nowadays, engineering knowledge is outdated in a 4 years life span, which means that what you've learned in the first year of university is no longer valid by the time you graduate. Also, about 65% of pupils will work in professions that do not exist today. This is why adaptability is crucial to thriving in this environment. The term itself refers to both the ability and the willingness to change according to new circumstances. And when we are willing and able to live in an agile way, we flourish! 


Here at TeleSoftas, we understand the need for change and talk about always learning what's new in our field, but do we adapt to the new reality quickly as people and community members?


You see, many things were different when I joined TeleSoftas at the end of 2019. We changed the location, went through a pandemic, opened a new office in Nigeria, quite a few people changed in platform leading positions, we have a CTO now, and we even changed our CEO! All of these changes are an opportunity to widen our experiences and to gather knowledge we would not pick up in any other way (have you ever thought that you'd have a possibility to get to know Nigerian/ Lithuanian culture up close? Or that a QA specialist can become a CEO? I sure didn't!). 

And yet, it's also natural to find those changes challenging. 


So, I share what helps me ride the wave of transformation.

I see TeleSoftas's evolution the same way I see any human being growing and finding what's best in different stages of life. As with any change in our own life - new city, new friendships, new locations - adaptation is needed, and once we adapt, it feels natural and a part of life. So as a community member of Telesoftas, I take it upon myself to adopt the changes as well! I am getting to know our new offices and remain patient with new team members as they need to learn. I stay curious about new possibilities and adapt to the new agreements of office use. I also validate the input of new colleagues in our technology field while familiarizing myself with cultural differences to expand my horizons. 

I acknowledge that this organization is moving forward. And so am I. 

And with all this hard work, at the end of the day, when I think about Telesoftas, I can't help but wonder - maybe in five years our summer parties will be in Italy, and we will have new colleagues in South America? Who knows! For now, we can be satisfied knowing that change is life! And that each of us is an essential part of it.  

Office changes  


Reda Aleksandravičienė

As you know, on August 1st, we began implementing the reservation of Dedicated and Hot Desks in Kaunas using the Flanco app. But, this shift was only the beginning! Here's everything else you should know about the following stages in our office evolution journey:

  • At the end of August: Kaunas's meeting room reservation will be moved to Flanco; until then, we are still using Booky. 

  • At the beginning of October: we will have the first Flanco use report. 

  • From November 1st: Vilnius and Klaipėda Flanco implementation

Make sure you check out the general information about the change here. If you have any further questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us using the dedicated slack channel: #flanco_q_and_a

Welcome to the team!

Osivwi Okiti
Evelina Kuodytė.png
Dangis Bakutis.png

Osivwi Okiti

Node.js Developer

Evelina Kuodytė
Soft Team Lead

Dangis Bakutis
JAVA Developer

tribe hobbies 3.png

Our uniqueness in our hobbies

Emma Lev

As our community grows, we must remember that our tribe is full of interesting people with unique talents. For that reason, we bring some of those hobbies to light. Hopefully, it will encourage you to share your talents with us too ;)

Benas Strauka - our next Tony Hawk
HEXAGONAS (19).png

"When I was about seven years old, I started playing Tony Hawk games on my PC and PS2. Then I finally asked my parents for my first skateboard. Ever since, I've been riding every summer, learning new tricks and going on trips with my friends".

Any advice you might have for beginners?

"It is pretty easy to start. First, buy a skateboard! They are not that expensive, but for the love of God, don't buy them from maxima or something similar to Aliexpress. Then watch several tutorials on youtube or ask me for help. The last step is to try and try again until you land your first trick".

Viktorija Varnaitė
Viktorija Varnaitė  - Our open world lady 

"I joined the Postcrossing community, I think 5 years ago? I was really active for some time, had a long break and only this year I finally came back and started to send more and more postcards. Postcrossing is a project aiming to enable anyone to exchange postcards with random people around the world using real mail. It goes like this: for every postcard you send, you’ll receive one back from another random member — and the more you send, the more you will receive. It's really nice because you never know what you will get and every postcard can be a nice city/place on your To Visit List. Postcrossing turns your mailbox into a box full of surprises".

Any advice you might have for beginners?
Justas Grekavičius - Our skilled builder

"Visit site, register and press Send A Postcard. Buy some stamps, and postcards, grab a pen, and you are ready to send your first postcard. Good luck!"

"I started watching anime in high school and especially enjoyed the Gundam anime - "Gundam 00". But my fondness for Gundam was limited only to anime at that time. Fast forward to 3 years ago, I stumbled upon this video and found it to be fun, mesmerizing and relaxing to watch. Later I started to play similar videos in the background during work or while browsing around. Once I learned that painting the models was only optional, as the parts come painted already, I immediately started searching for retailers in Lithuania where I could get my hands on my first kit. Luckily for me, there was one distributor of Gunpla kits - There wasn't a big selection of Gunpla kits available then, but that did not get me down since I knew I wanted to give it a shot. So, I picked up my first one from my favourite Gundam 00 anime - the GNX-603T and the rest is history".

Any advice you might have for beginners?

"For anyone interested in trying this wonderful hobby, I would suggest visiting this store page and picking out any kit from this section, picking up a pair of nippers for plastic models (please do not use scissors to cut the pieces), a hobby knife (optional, but recommended for a tidier end result) and a cutting mat (so you don't scratch your table). And that's it! The only thing left will be following the building instructions step-by-step until you have the built model standing before you And don't be shy to ask for advice or help. I'm still quite a beginner in this hobby, but I will gladly share tips, tricks, and advice to help make this experience as pleasant as possible". 

Company update-1.png


Paulius Šileikis

Paulius Šileikis 

D.Octo is a TeleSoftas product developed to simplify the lifecycle of projects that require a lot of data work (including big data projects!). The product can help users start their early exploration and experimentation stages on local machines and can scale up to support a production environment in the cloud.

In the early experimentation, one can spin up a new project on a local machine in a few hours and start experimenting in *Jupyter* notebooks. Later, workflows can be tidied up and managed using *dagster* as the tool provides scheduling, dependency resolution and observability of the pipelines. Finally, interested parties can consume the data in a helpful format using *superset*.

While the features mentioned above are the focal point of the product, there are a few minor features that help D.Octo shine:

  • User management;

  • Unlimited horizontal scaling to support a large number of users and or large datasets;

  • Data governance (Work in progress);

  • ML model versioning and tracking (Work in progress).

We are very excited about the progress we are making with D.Octo, and we want to share it with you! So, if you want to see the product in action, join us for a live demo:

Date & Time: 
Thursday, September 8 at 11 am (9 am for the team in Abuja) 
Location: Either online or in B7 at the Kaunas office (If you choose to join online, the meeting link can be found here or on our event calendar).

Lats weeks highlights.png

Summer Referrals program – Milky Way Galaxy

2 months have already passed since the start of the Referrals program, and here are the results:

  • You have referred 25 potential new Kolegučiai.

  • 60% of them moved forward in the recruitment process.

  • 1 referral was hired! 

How many prizes were distributed?

  • 7 cosmic cups.

  • 1 mystery box.


But don't worry, it's not over just yet! We still have 2 months left for this program. If you hurry, you can still join the game before it ends (the 30th of September.

P.S. What about bonuses?

  • Bonuses are still valid; this program is just a little extra.

  • Starting this year, we have already distributed 11 100 Euros for recommending people to TeleSoftas! 

Giedrė Matusevičiūtė

How much can you get?

  • 500 Euros - Administration positions and Junior developers.

  • 1000 Euros - Mid or Senior developers.

    • 1000 Euros can become 2000 Euros for positions that are super hard to fill or positions that take more than 6 months to fill.

  • 2000 Euros - Architect or TTL. 

Our visit to Kurt König in Germany. 


Laura Lančinskaitė

Between the 25th and the 29th of July, 8 kolegučiai from Kurts toolbox and Kurt Koenig Digital projects management teams had the chance to visit our partner and client, Kurt König, in Germany. 


During the trip, we visited Kurt König's headquarters in Einbeck and the new modern machinery + tool rental shop in Göttingen. We also participated in products and strategic business planning sessions and a scrum masters workshop. 


Now that we are all settled back, we can happily share that the business trip was an overall success!

On the business side: All the strategic planning sessions allowed our product owners to return with new ideas and future plans. At the same time, the client was very engaging and open to our feedback during the Agile workshop.


On the community side: We stayed true to the TS spirit and remembered to have some fun! Our Vioki partners showed us around Hamburg, we went canyoning, everybody got the chance to drive an excavator.

We returned feeling motivated and pleased with our strengthening bonds. But now, all of us are looking forward to more business trips with the rest of the KKD and Kurts toolbox team.

Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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Business trip to Germany
Business trip to Germany

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My Top 5 Moments in Lithuania 


Richard Otaru

Being in Lithuania was an incredible experience as it was my first time in Europe. I had high expectations and was looking forward to visiting many places, so I came in prepared to have lots of fun. 

But for the sake of this write-up,  I will attempt to summarize my experience by sharing my top five top moments in LT.

No. 5  My First Day in LT!

Day one for me was very unusual as we landed at about 9 PM Vilnius time, and to my amazement, the skies were still very bright at such a late hour, unlike in Nigeria! This, of course, caught my attention and made me even more excited to be here. My excitement was met with a gentle rainfall that ushered us out of Vilnius and off to the Kaunas. What a cool welcome!

No. 4  TeleSoftas Summer Party!!

The TeleSoftas Summer party was a blast!! The chance to physically meet my TeleSoftas colleagues was one of the major highlights for me and possibly the most exciting one (the games and food were also quite fun). I certainly enjoyed every moment and wished it lasted longer than a day.

TS party.jpg

No. 3  My Visit to Trakai!!

It was truly memorable to physically visit some of the historical sights I had previously only read about online. Although Trakai was smaller than I had imagined, it was one of those sights that carry a lot of historical presence and relics that can attract attention. 
Side note: Hanging out with Sarunas was cool! 


No. 2  My wakeboarding Experience!

I had always wondered how wakeboarders do it. And I finally got to find out at this particularly cold yet breathtaking outing. It was certainly not as easy as it looked! To sum it up: “I came, I saw, and I survived!”.


No. 1  Dinner with Algirdas and family!

Perhaps the most memorable of them all for me was dinner at the Stonys household. The food was excellent, the vibe and energy were contagious, and the love and warmth were tangible and inspiring. It truly was a beautiful experience to spend such quality time with everyone present. It made my day. I remember thinking that even if this was the only thing that brought me to Lithuania, it would have been worth it.

Family dinner 1.png
Family dinner 2.png

Node.js Event Loop Klaipėda

Ingrida Bartkutė

Ingrida Bartkutė

On the 11th of this month, Our Node.js team shared their knowledge at an event hosted by the non-profit city development agency, Klaipėda ID, and TeleSoftas. The event took place on the first floor of our Klaipėda office and drew in many people from the tech community in the area. 

The event marked the last night of the Node.js team workation, and gave us a chance to come together as a team by supporting and encouraging each other, but also by being excited together! 


We were incredibly proud of our very own; Giedrius Valančius, Pijus Vaškevičius and Antanas Šepikas, who dared to take the stage and publicly present their experience during the event and kept an audience of 60 people highly engaged!

Many thanks to Jonas for helping us make it happen!


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Newsletter survey results 


Emma Lev

We are grateful to everyone who took the time to give us some valuable feedback about the newsletter. We got 60 responses!!

Here are our findings:


  • On a scale of 1-5, you ranked the newsletter's content a 4.25! 

  • You Like Šarūnas's updates the most.

  • There is quite a bit of love for the occasional blog-like content.

  • Many of you asked for more video content- So we are working on it!


You also nominated a few people you'd like to see more content from (Yes, those nominations include Tomciutka, we will try and give you what you want!). 

Content rating  (1)
Content rating (1)

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Amount of information rating  (1)
Amount of information rating (1)

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Usefulness of content rating  (1)
Usefulness of content rating (1)

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Content rating  (1)
Content rating (1)

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Parental leave changes 

Indrė Marcinkevičienė

Indrė Marcinkevičienė

We have some changes in Parental leave that entered into force on the 1st of August 2022:

  • Employees with one child under 12 years of age are granted one additional day of rest per three months. If this guarantee is not used, the days off are not accumulated, and the employee loses the right to one additional day of rest.

  • Employees with two children under 12 years of age, and one or both of whom are disabled, are granted two days off per month (previously, parents were granted one day in this case ). 

Summer party video


Simona Toleikytė  

We've all been waiting for it, and it's finally here! Thank you all for being with us & creating new memories ♡. 

Questions & Answers

Q: "What about home office budget or better inventory for the office (e.g. better chairs)?"    

A: We don't have a home office budget for this year. When considering the next year's budget, we will review the home office budget, whether it is appropriate to have one and how everything should go. So, the answer will be only after the approval of the 2023 budget. 

Regarding office chairs, an update is scheduled for 2023.

- Reda Aleksandravičienė

Q: "Can we have vegan milk in the office?"

A: we are currently checking possibilities as the previous delivery conditions weren't good.
- Reda Aleksandravičienė

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