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Company update:


  • Minister visit

  • Happiness survey


  • Odgers Berndtson data science project

  • Sanitex - What's Behind this name?

Upcoming weeks' highlights:

  • BLASTER FEST – Dev Day

  • Office changes

  • Growing the Abuja team

Last weeks' highlights:

  • Stage visit

  • D.Octo demo

  • Last Lan party

  • Top 5 insights from Flutter Vikings


  • 10 years at TeleSoftas

  • Salary research and where we stand

  • Healthy lifestyle tips

  • (Social) Media highlights 


  • WeDesign

Company update.png

Minister visit

Šarūnas Putrius

Hello, beautiful TeleSoftas people!


I hope all of you had a refreshing summer, spent a handful of days vacationing, accumulated big amounts of sunshine under your skin and are prepared for the cooler season :) 


Amid the summer heat and with everybody returning from holidays, we had a pleasant visit from Lithuania’s Minister of Economy and Innovation, Aušrinė Armonaitė.

Some of the topics we covered:

  1. The IT sector is no longer limited by country borders - it's global, connected through continents, accessible from anywhere and by many. We need to keep boosting Lithuania’s brand image, we must be seen as professional, quality oriented and pleasant to work with country and nation. We concluded that Lithuania, as TeleSoftas, could position itself as a boutique quality hub for the business worldwide - providing niche, high quality and demand services and solutions.

  2. The whole world is competing for the same IT talent, TeleSoftas and Lithuania need support from the government to strengthen Lithuania's position as a tech hub:

    • Attracting talents to Lithuania from abroad;

    • Growing and nurturing talent in Lithuania (and not only in Vilnius and Kaunas); 

    • Financing and motivating more people to choose engineering and IT professions.

  3. As this is the Minister's area of influence, we talked about cross-country business partnerships and climate. We challenged the Minister for having little connections and consulates in Africa in general and Nigeria. After all, Africa is the fast emerging new world where many interests and investments land, with Nigeria being one of the key players in the continent. We explored options on how to establish more partnerships there, shared our experiences, insights and discoveries of our ongoing journey in Abuja.

  4. We also talked about the political and business status in Ukraine and Belarus. Of course, with the main emphasis on supporting and helping Ukraine and its people. We discussed how unfair the whole situation is for the Belarus people and the Belarus IT community, as we all remember the big crowds going out to the streets fighting for their freedoms in Belarus, brutally silenced by the regime. Aušrine is working on how to open more doors not only for Ukrainians but also for Belarusians to be able to come, work and find shelter in Lithuania.

At the end of our almost 2 hours meeting, Aušrinė concluded that TeleSoftas was one of her most pleasant and interesting visits with business. It seems our vibes matched, and I am sure TeleSoftas has a new ally and friend in the Political community as we go into the future.

Sarunas - minister visit
Sarunas - minister visit

press to zoom
Minister visit
Minister visit

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minister visit a5
minister visit a5

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Sarunas - minister visit
Sarunas - minister visit

press to zoom

It is the mid-term of our currently elected Parliament, and the visiting Minister wanted to review the progress of her team’s goals, collect feedback and adjust further direction. Therefore Aušrinė’s representatives approached us, keen to learn more about TeleSoftas, IT industry realities, and what challenges we face that should be taken into their attention. 

During the Minister's visit, our discussions were vibrant and balanced. We all shared insights asked questions, and had powerful exchanges of views. I felt as though we were able to convey to Aušrinė the realities of our sector, the essence of TeleSoftas business specifics - our challenges, needs and prospects.

Employee happiness is a strategic area for TeleSoftas clients' as well as the company's success. 

The goal of a survey is to collect your feedback and give homework for TeleSoftas leadership to act on it.

Things you should know:

  • The survey is anonymous and confidential; all responses will be analyzed in combination with group responses.

  • It won't be possible to see results for any group of data with less than 5 responses;

  • The survey link will be active until October 7, 2022.

Thanks for your help making TeleSoftas a better place to be 

Upcoming weeks highlights.png



Simona Toleikytė  

September is full of reasons to celebrate; students return to school, most of us return to our daily routines, and we're celebrating Developers Day! 🥳

Just like last year, we would like to invite you to celebrate with the entire Blaster Community, so here's what you need to know:

  • 23rd of September, 6 pm. ⏰

  • Kaunas Office, B7 Terrace Floor.

  • Register HERE until the 20th of September. 👈

The program will include:

  • Discussion with BLASTER CEO’s.

  • BLASTER Lan party FINAL & winner cup ceremony.

  • Rock'n'roll with Rolling Box Band


Information for Vilnius & Klaipėda kolegučiai:

  • Back by popular demand- we will provide transportation from Vilnius in the morning and back to Vilnius after the party. Let us know in the registration form.

  • Accommodation will be provided for Klaipėda's employees in Kaunas. 😴

If you have any other questions about the party, don't hesitate to contact me.

Office changes  


Reda Aleksandravičienė

We received your questions and are happy to provide answers where we can. 


Do we have renters yet?

Search for a tenant is taking some time. Several companies were interested in the premises, but for some, the area was too large (we offered for rent 430m2); for others, the lease term was too short (we offered 2 years). We are currently waiting for the decision of several companies regarding the extension of negotiations.


When and how will we start booking meeting rooms on Flanco?

Before signing the contract, Flanco assured us that the system was functional and suitable for use. We are currently facing the fact that not everything is running smoothly. We cannot say that everything is terrible as it is not, but there are just things we are not happy with. The Meeting room reservation system is one of those things. Therefore, we scheduled a meeting with the Flanco team, during which we will agree on a different way of cooperation and deadlines. 


Is there any data from the changes yet?

The data for desks reservation will be at the beginning of October.

Do you use
Are you pleased with the reaction time?

Thanks for submitting!

We want to continue and address your questions/ concerns, so please fill out this form. Make sure to leave your name in case we need some clarity regarding your question. 

As we are starting to have more shared workspaces, when will all spaces have 2 monitors?

Different people with different needs use hot desks. In each room, we have 1-2 hot desks with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Other free places are left for you to work with your own laptop. If you see that hot desks with 2 monitors are needed in your room, please fill out the form for the necessary changes.

Growing the Abuja team

Jane Odonwodo.png

Jane Odonwodo

Growing the team in Nigeria has been a personal experience for me and the rest of the team. Our interactions with candidates and Hiring Managers in the past months have taught us a lot. We have come to understand more and more what a good profile is and how to make the best of candidate engagements. For instance, we now know to pre-inform candidates on Hiring Manager’s expectations to converse technically in an interview to allow Hiring Managers to understand their skill levels better.
We have also optimised our selection process to save on “time to hire” by ensuring that only vetted potential candidates make it to the Technical stage of the interview process. 


More interestingly, we have learnt to take advantage of the interactions to create a community of Brand Ambassadors with each candidate by offering them a worthwhile experience with our selection process.

Recently, we welcomed a new colleague, Osivwi Okiti, to our tribe, who joined the Node.js team on the 1st of August. And we will be welcoming another Nigerian Kolegūčiai to the PHP Platform on the 19th of September.

We are excited to apply all the learnings we have garnered so far and look forward to filling out more roles. We believe so much in the potential TeleSoftas Nigeria is capable of offering, and we look to the future with confidence in this.

Cheers to growth! 

Julija (2).png

Julija Petrosiute

TeleSoftas people and our personalities make TeleSoftas what it is, and photos are a great way to show that in our communication. It will be a time to have fun with your team and take nice pictures of yourself.



20th of September in VILNIUS

21st of September in KAUNAS.


How will it go?

 - Each Team has dedicated date, city and time when the photoshoot will happen. We will let you know about the exact location (floor, room) a couple of days before you can find your team in this SCHEDULE.

What you need to do?

  • REGISTER for the time slot in the SCHEDULE. We try to save your time as much as possible, so we have divided bigger teams into smaller groups. You have an option to choose the time slot that fits better for you.

  • As we want to have this photoshoot as chilly and fun as possible, you can bring to the photoshoot any attributes that reflect your team or just simply looks cool or fun.

  • Clothes – as this photoshoot reflects who you are, just come as you do every day. If you wish, you can grab TeleSoftas hoodie or T-shirt as well. Not mandatory.

Important note:

  • Photos will be used for TeleSoftas communication. You will be able to get your individual picture and use it as you see fit. 

  • If you wouldn’t like your image to be used in TeleSoftas communication but would still like to have an individual photo for personal use, please register only for the time slot named “EXTRA TIME FOR ALL”.

If you have any other questions, I am happy to answer them on slack.

changeislife (4).png

10 years at TeleSoftas

Emma lev

Emma Lev

Our team is constantly growing, and we get used to new faces and creating new bonds. But as we all know, a successful growth process cannot happen without the support and acknowledgement of the foundation and the history that led us to this point. And in our company, this foundation is the people who have supported TeleSoftas through the years.

One of those people is Martynas Šiukščius, who just celebrated his 10 years in TeleSoftas. Here is his quick history lesson. Enjoy:

TeleSoftas of 2012:

"10 years ago, you could start working in TeleSoftas by simply making a call to Algirdas, and that's precisely what I did! I got his phone number during one of my career days as a master's student at KTU. When I started working, I was amazed to find many familiar faces from my studies at KTU. If I remember correctly, it was around 50 or so employees. Our office was smaller and much more modest, and we had fewer teams in smaller sizes".

Fond memories:
"I remember an extremely warm welcome when I joined. All team members were accommodating and friendly. TeleSoftas quickly became my family. We initiated (and still do) many great activities such as:

  • Basketball training and matches against another IT company called iTo.

  • Ski trips (at the beginning, there were just a few of us, and now it is a company-wide winter event).

  • Chicken day a.k.a "vištadienis" where each Thursday we ordered food from a well-known place in Kaunas called "Liuks kebabai".

  • Mini basketball challenges. We had a mini basketball board and a mini ball in the old office. We used to play "Minus" during breaks.

  • Exercise challenges of doing pull-ups while others watch and try to make you laugh.

I remember "happy hour" initiated by Algirdas himself. An hour of "happiness" where you could get a beer for free in Džem'pub. Still remember Algirdas ringing this big bell there while shouting "happy hour, happy hour…" and people running to the bar. My first team was called "Menininkai' where each project we did was unique, challenging and exciting. This team was like a research & development team where we did internal projects with the cutting-edge technologies we had at the time, such as AR/VR. I even had a mini-game of my own making called: "Aqua math", which I created with the help of a TeleSoftas designer. I  had an opportunity to go to WWDC 2018, which is a must to visit if you are an iOS developer. I gained a lot of experience and motivation there to continue my career".

Changes in TeleSoftas:
"In the past 10 years, TeleSoftas grew as a worldwide company with clients from all around the world. Everything is now structured and well organised, even though the company is now a few times bigger with multiple offices in different cities and even countries. Lots of new teams are creating a wide variety of products. And the company now provides and assists every employee with growth opportunities. I am delighted to see how our company has grown so far".

The great things of today:

"To give some background, when I started working in TeleSoftas, not as an iOS developer but as a game developer, 3d modeller and designer. At that time, we did a few exciting projects, but later I saw an opportunity to become an iOS developer, and TeleSoftas gave me the green light to do that. But at that time, we did not have anyone that could onboard me (and another colleague Martynas Gavelis). There were no coding guidelines or best practices. So we had to learn on our own most of the time while doing real projects. We only had one colleague whom we used to call 'the light in the dark', a.k.a. Giedrius Bražukas, who helped us when something terrible happened. So to answer this question, I wish we had everything the iOS team has now. We have an onboarding process for newcomers, defined coding guidelines, best practices, knowledge of multiple architectures and design patterns, a budget to go to conferences and buy some work-related books. We have TTL, STL, etc. And also, a senior iOS developers are ready and happy to help. As I like to say: 'Nowadays, for a newcomer, everything is given on a golden plate, and he or she can become a good iOS developer much faster' ".


The decade:
10 years of:

  • Exciting and challenging projects.

  • Good career opportunities.

  • Unique and peaceful working environment.

  • Clients from all around the world.

  • Friendly and crazy colleagues.

  • New connections, team buildings and conferences.

  • Great leisure activities, summer and winter parties.

Martynas Šiukščius.png

Martynas Šiukščius


Welcome to the team!

Aistė Kukanauskaitė.png

Aistė Kukanauskaitė
Data Scientist

Ihor Popyk.png

Ihor Popyk
JAVA Developer

aleksandr streleckij.png

Aleksandr Streleckij
Java Developer

Ieva Pauliukoniene.png

Ieva Pauliukonienė

Sales Representative

Mileris Justinas.png

Justinas Mileris
Data Scientist

Gytis Viskačka.png

Gytis Viskačka
QA Engineer

Mantas Rybakova.png

Mantas Rybakova
PHP Developer

Tomas Lukoševičius.png

Tomas Lukoševičius

Java intern

Salary research and where we stand

Gabija Šarkytė.png

Gabija Sarkyte 

Every year TeleSoftas participates in the annual salary data research initiated by Fontes/Baltic Survey. Here are a couple of insights from the 2022 market:


  • Data was gathered from 102 ICT organizations operating in Lithuania and 16 235 employees (88% in Vilnius, 12% in the rest of Lithuania).

  • 11,9% is the average change of monthly base salary for employees whose positions did not change during the previous 12 months. Annual total cash (base salary + variable part of salary/bonus) change was on average +13,5%.

  • 41,9% of employees during the previous 12 months have received at least one variable component of compensation. 35,1% of employees have received short-term bonuses and incentives, 6,9% of employees - sales bonuses and incentives, 4,7% of employees long-term incentives.

  •  20,9% is the average overall employee turnover in organizations during the previous 12 months.

  • 85% of the organizations plan to increase the number of employees by the end of the year, 8% plan to maintain the same number of employees and 7% of organizations plan to decrease the headcount.

In addition to market data, below you can find some insights about TeleSoftas:

  • 18.71% is the average change of monthly base salary for 2022. This number is based on the actual salary changes during the first half of the year + forecast for the second half. As you know, our salary review process is asynchronous and each employee has their timeline. Thus, some reviews are still planned.

  • As of July, the median salary in TeleSoftas is 3 801,65 € before taxes. This value is calculated taking into consideration all roles company-wide.

  • The average salary is 3 979,20 € before taxes (3 070,74 € for women; 4 315,48 € for men).

  • 20% is the forecasted overall employee turnover rate for 2022. During the first half of the year, the overall employee turnover was 8%.

Healthy lifestyle tips

Karolis Šlipaitis

Karolis Šlipaitis

It is widely known that 8 hours of "sleep" is an appropriate target to aim for, but it's not the whole story - everyone is different. So, it's more about the individual sleep quality and not purely about the quantity. Moreover, the same 8 hours of "sleep" might lead to different energy/restfulness/happiness levels. 



  • The "golden time" for sleep is 22-02 h due to big melatonin and growth hormone secretion.

  • Get morning light exposure (e.g. take a walk after waking up) - the sun is a massive circadian "anchor" and helps to "reset" the cycle. Also, the effect of the bright sun outside overpowers the weaker impact of looking at a screen at night.

  • The best temperature for sleeping is around 18.3℃. As cooling down our body's temperature releases increasing amounts of the hormone melatonin.

  • A weighted blanket applies consistent pressure across the body, which switches the body from running on an alert sympathetic system to a relaxed parasympathetic system.

  • Take care of air quality (e.g. mould) as foul odour might cause sleep disturbances.

If you'd like to learn more, I recommend checking out one of my sources here

(Social) Media highlights 

Emma lev

Emma Lev

At TeleSoftas, we take pride in mastery and encourage our teammates to share their valuable insights with the world. So, we wanted to take a moment to share some wonderful content published by/about our tribe in the past few weeks.  

An article about our very own CEO Šarūnas Putrius.

Neringa wrote a fascinating article on LinkedIn

Jane’s thought-provoking reflection

Tautvydas’s Insightful LinkedIn post

Company update-1.png

Odgers Berndtson data science project


Dominykas Orda

Odgers Berndtson is an executive search company, which hires talents for big organisations, enterprises and companies - C-level executives. In other words, they are a big fish to catch, and we’ve been building our relationship with them for the past 2 years. 


Thanks to Bart Kappel's mastery, we were able to take this big client opportunity further by signing a contract with them at the beginning of August. Which makes him the perfect person to 

lead our awesome team as a solution architect now that we are kicking off the development stage.

Why is the project interesting? 

We have the opportunity to lead the whole roadmap and solution with full ownership. It will help one of the world's most prominent executive search firms to hire CEOs for big enterprises and corporations. The solution created by us will be used on a daily basis, defining the future and the people who will make these decisions.  

What is this project about?

Our team will develop an application from scratch to help Odgers Berndtson comb through data and find the right talent for the role. Our goal is to build a product that will do more than match typical data sets or requirements as experience in the current position/industry. We are working on building a tool that would focus a lot on the data and making data driven decisions out of it, with focus on alternative data. For example: maybe the person who hasn't finished university is a much better candidate than the one who has finished 3 master's degrees. 

How will we do that: 

By building a solution that touches 3 main areas: 

  1. Infrastructure - DevOps would be in charge of setting the whole infrastructure of the project. 

  2. Data-science.

  3. Data-engineering. 

Sanitex - what's behind this name?

Justas Valatka

Justas Valatka 

As you already know, Telesoftas is currently working with a company called Sanitex. But, did you know that behind the name "Sanitex" are other companies such as BLS (Baltic logistic solutions), Office Day, And Promo Cash & Carry? This allowed us to start as well as join projects with both Sanitex and the companies it incorporates. 

At the moment, we have 12 engineers working on 5 different projects: 


ePromo android app - Developing a new android app

Team - Marius Radavičius, Rimvydas Neverauskas, Hanna Matusevich, Vilija Gvildienė, Julija Timčenko, Rokas Jasonas. 

ePromo web - Developing a new website.  

Team - Marius Radvilavičius, Irmantas Ramanauskas, Julija Timčenko. 

"Mazgas" - A bunch of interconnected apps which receive various documents, enrich them and send them off to BLS clients solutions, Sanitex database, ERP or some other place.

Team - Lukas Knašas (Java).

Lukas's job is to look after those apps, resolve or delegate issues, develop integrations for new clients and update existing ones.

"Simona" - Virtual assistant web application in a company that helps HR and management departments with various documentation. 

Team - Justinas Altaravičius, Petras Žukauskas, Simonas Bansevičius 

"MDM"- Master Data Management system" - ON HOLD

Team - Gytis Valiukonis, Mantas Miežinas, Gabrielius Kazakevičius, Martynas Jaraminas, Hanna Matusevich, Vilija Gvildienė, Tomas Urlikas. 

Projects we are looking forward to start working on:


Pilot (Android) - Proof of delivery application that allows companies to manage deliveries.


eOrder (Android, PHP)  - Mobile application that helps companies simplify the process of ordering and collecting goods. Especially suitable for companies that primarily work with fast-moving consumer goods. 

Lats weeks highlights.png

Stage visit 

Vilius Smalinskas.png

Vilius Smalinskas

On August 16th and 17th, Šarūnas and I had a quick visit with Stage (the first visit for Šarūnas!) in London. Our goal with this trip was to spend some time with the client, and to open a live discussion about future plans for Stage, TeleSoftas and, of course, how we can best support each other. 


Now, I would like to share some highlights from our time with Stage:


  • I have always had the ambition to get Stage to 100 team members (from TeleSoftas). And we are moving in the right direction, with significant growth planned for next year.

  • TeleSoftas is over half of the entire Stage team. As they have roughly 50 members outside of TeleSoftas, and we are close to 60. 

  • The end of the year will be critical for significant releases for our joint projects.

  • With inflation affecting both companies, we agreed on strategic plans to keep projects sustainable and profitable for both sides. 


After the official meeting, we were joined by a total of 8 Stage members and spent around 4-5 hours sharing ideas and discussing how we can improve our joined ventures.


Overall, the trip was an excellent opportunity to catch up with people I've been working with for over 4 years. And upon my return, I tried to share the insights with our team through the Scrum Masters. But, if you have questions, concerns or ideas, please feel free to ping me directly.

D.Octo demo 

Paulius Šileikis

Paulius Šileikis 

On the 8th of this month, we had a demo for D.Octo. We would like to thank everyone who joined us and for all the valuable questions. 
For the sake of those who missed it and are curious to know what D.Octo is all about, we are sharing the recording. 

Last Lan party 

Ridas Bušmanas

Ridas Bušmanas

On the 25th of August, we hosted the last Lan party with Tandemum. And it was one hell of a party! 

The game for this round was 'Worms W.M.D', and the battle was tense. SneakyBox guys took the lead on the first 2 rounds. But things got a little complicated in the third round, as the win went to a collaboration between someone from SneakyBox and our very own Antanas, who sneakily infiltrated the enemy squad and won the game giving Telesoftas 1 spot in the finals. 

After Tandemum went on to win the 4th round, it was time for the final showdown. The intense game ended with a draw due to a sudden death situation.


So, for now, the trophy remains unlifted, and we agreed that we would play once more during BLASTER FEST.

Top 5 insights from 'Flutter Vikings'

Petras Bartušis

Petras Bartušis

On the 31st of August and the 1st of September, we had the chance to watch the 'Flutter Vikings' conference, where we discovered some interesting things that have been happening in the world of Flutter. 

So, I am sharing my Top 5 most exciting things that happened in Flutter Vikings:



Neringa Šidlauskaitė

Neringa Šidlauskaitė

WeDesign is an initiative born about 2 years ago through a collaboration of 5 ambitious Telesoftas designers who wanted to reveal the "real kitchen" of product design and transfer all the knowledge needed when pursuing a product design career.


Artūras interviewed many junior designers and observed that they lack knowledge about designers' responsibilities. And so, our course aims to fill this knowledge gap and provide all the shortcuts that make room for a more straightforward start and a better understanding of this career path.
The course is unique because it consists of the three parts essential for a product design career - soft skills and business needs, UX and UI design knowledge.


The course enrollment has already started! And Telesoftas employees get a discount of -15%.

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