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Good Friday mischief

Spring hikes
Movie night
Training for May

Spring of reading
Employees Committees
Newcomer's breakfast


Hackathon Challenge 2022
Workation in Klaipėda


Self-care. What and why?


Community. Together. TeleSoftas.

Šarūnas Putrius

When I found out that the theme of this month’s newsletter is Community, I remembered an old African proverb: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


There are many examples in TeleSoftas - where we have gone distances together despite our imperfections, invincible obstacles and uncertainties we faced at that time. Go to the #slava_ukraini slack channel. Or look into the current TeleSoftas employee count. The Mastery level in our tech platforms and feedback of our Customers. The number of young people who have grown into highly regarded professionals. Our current potential wasn’t built overnight - but slowly, consistently, together.


And it’s not only about TeleSoftas. It is in Community where we can find our very selves too. Our Community enables me personally to be grounded and integral vs anxious and opportunistic; to be consistent and unstoppable vs explosive and burning-out; to be caring and accepting vs indifferent and judging. 


Enjoy the newsletter and consider being part of a new community event or initiative. 

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Be ready for Good Friday mischief

Cheeky Elf was quite right,
Kaunas Office is pretty nice.
But I have a bigger plan,

All offices, be ready to scan.
Good Friday, April 15th,
It's a good day for mischief.

Spring hikes

Viktorija Budrevičė

It is official, on April 30th, we are going to have a Vilnius hike, and on May 7th, the Kaunas hike! 
In Vilnius Simona Toleikytė will be a hiking wizard and in Kaunas - Valdas Baranauskas. 


Everybody from other cities is welcome to come also and don't hesitate to invite your family members and friends to hike together! 

We will be choosing hiking paths in the upcoming days, so join #kaunas_hike and #vilnius_hike channels for it and more information. 

PXL_20211023_091241623 (1).jpg

Movie night at Kaunas office

Dominykas Orda

The very first Kaunas office Movie Night happened just last week! The opening film for this tradition was The French Dispatch. 

Every first Thursday of the month, we will occupy the B7 terrace floor in Kaunas and spend some chilly time together. So feel free to bring beers, water, wine, snacks, or whatever you want!
Colleagues from other the cities are very welcome!

Movie night.jpg

Upcoming training for May

Justas Kupčinskas

1. New training in TeleSoftas - Communication training

2. Feedback 2.0: advanced principles (new updated Feedback training specified to give feedback in difficult situations)

All information will be announced ~two weeks before each training in the #general slack channel. 

Also, we updated the Internal Workshops & Training page in Notion.
On this page, you can find useful information about:

AAAAaaaand one more thing - we have a NEW TRAINING BUDGET SPENDING WAY - SELF TRAINING! Check it here

Spring of reading at TeleSoftas

Simona Toleikytė

The first month of Spring of reading at TeleSoftas officially ended last week, but you can freely join this initiative anytime; just pick up a book & mark here how many pages you read per day. You can also find books reviews and inspiration for your next book on that excel sheet

So let's recap the results:

  • 14 participants joined the initiative, and all of them read 8615 pages total. 

Here is our leaderboard after the first month: 

  •  Žydrūnė Spranginė is keeping her position in 1st place strong with 3232 pages!

  •  Aušra Ūksaitė is also keeping pace in 2nd place with 1453 pages!

  •  Tadas Maslauskas recently jumped to 3rd place with 966 pages!

Everybody who loves reading is welcome to join #books channel.

Vaida reading.jpg

Employee Committees at TeleSoftas

Simona Toleikytė

Are you interested in planning Internal & External Events/Initiatives? Maybe in school or university, you was always that person who took the lead in initiating all events and gathering? If yes, stay tuned and wait for the registration to TeleSoftas Employee Committee!

We know that we have many creative and initiative people in TeleSoftas, and we are blessed to have you! Therefore, together with Julija Petrošiūtė, we are working on the Employee Committee Concept to allow more community members to participate in decision-making and try themselves outside their direct responsibility range.

Release: Mid-May - June


Newcomers' breakfast in Vilnius!

Aniceta Šatilo

Hi everyone!
Last month was special - we revived our Newcomers’ Breakfast tradition! It is the time for us to meet our new colleagues of the month and spend some time together, drink some morning coffee and have snacks.

Thank you all who participated, and special thanks who came to visit us from Kaunas!
We are very happy to have this tradition back – please note that Newcomers’ Breakfast is held once a month in the Vilnius office kitchen and colleagues from all our offices are very welcome to join!


And once again, welcome on board to all 8 new kolegučiai who joined TeleSoftas last month! 

Newcomer's breakfast.jpg
Group 15.png

Few things to know when going to Klaipėda:


1. Wawe advisor - places to visit & eat in Klaipėda (will be updated regularly)

2. Join #klaipeda_workations channel for asking questions/suggestions/informing colleagues about your visit

3. Take an entry card to Klaipėda office from Milda Lukšaitė (Vilnius) & Lina Andriuškevičienė (Kaunas)


All the information mentioned above, as well as information about Klaipėda's office location & parking, can be found here on Notion. 


Do you feel the vibe of spring?

Jonas Meidus

Hey hey hey, kolegučiai!

April's weather likes to make jokes, huh? How did you like to snow last week? I can tell you a secret, the weather at the seaside during spring is much better, so choose Klaipeda for your workation and enjoy activities prepared by kolegučiai from TeleSoftas Klaipeda office.

Last year, we received many private messages from all of you with the same questions about what kind of activities Klaipeda has for workations, families, kids, etc. Finally, we prepared a summary with answers to most of your questions and created our own Klaipėda Wave advisor page on the Notion!

On this page, you will find the best activities in Klaipėda verified by local kolegūčiai. It's created only for you so that you would love to come and visit our office and feel the same vibe we feel here! We will also update this page with a new activity list before summer. 

We hope to see you soon and send you the best greeting from the sea! 


Which tech platform is next?

Žilvinas Jocius

Node.js platform uses the Codingame system from time to time to code together interactively. However, this year, I and Paulius Vizbara, dived deeper into this system and took it to the next level. Recently, our platform had a teambuilding activity called "Hackathon 2022". There were ~18 participants, and each of them saved off project time for 2 weeks in order to participate in the hackathon and have cool teambuilding on Friday on our Kaunas office 7th-floor terrace. 

AI bot creation

What were we doing? While piggybacking on Codingame, we split up into teams and, for half a day, created AI bots, which competed against each other. Some teams thought it would be a relaxing day, but it wasn't. Laisvydas Skurevičius, Jegor Klimentjev, Tautvydas Dževečka can back it up that it was really challenging, but eventually, they won first place!

Running out of the virtual escape rooms using codes

The second half of the day was spent running out of the virtual escape rooms using code. Congratulations to Pijus Vaškevičius, Giedrius Valančius, Vytenė Žygaitė for doing it in the fastest way! Both teams won cups with the Node.js platform logo.

 * drum roll * 

The next platform to hold a Hackathon 2022 is Android! Let's make this event a challenge and hold it in as many tech teams as possible! After the Android'ers organise this event, the challenge will be handed over to another team. Keep in mind that the Node.js community is ready to help everybody with guidance!


Self-care. What and why?

Rugilė Žickytė

Self-care is an often-used phrase these days. But what does it mean? And why should we care about it? 

Well, we can say that self-care is something relaxing or calming. But it’s not just that. It is a proactive, conscious choice to take care of our well-being - intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, practical well-being or even just to do things we need to get done.  

Often we might be afraid that by practising self-care, we are choosing ourselves over our loved ones and being selfish. But we must understand that by being mindful of our well-being, we are less stressed, in better health, and fostering our resilience, so we are better at being able to meet the needs of those close to us.  


Self care looks different for each of us

Besides, we should understand that self-care looks different for each of us. Sometimes, we need to discover something that makes us calm and relaxed: breathing techniques, meditation, long walks, lifting weights. Sometimes - to understand what triggers us and what coping mechanisms are helpful: setting boundaries, limiting the time we are spending on social media, replacing coffee with tea, taking care of our sleep schedule, even attending our healthcare appointments, taking prescribed medications, learning how to manage our finances, having that unpleasant talk we are always delaying, just saying no to something we do not want to do - also counts as self-care. 

Why? Because it makes us feel better in the long run. And even better - we are making ourselves stronger, more self-aware, and compassionate, giving some sense of control over our environment or helping ourselves acknowledge and express some of our uncomfortable emotions (and dealing with them accordingly). In that case - we are experiencing less stress, therefore healthier, happier, and more clear-minded. 

What kind of self-care practice will you apply to yourself today?

Welcome on board to our newcomers!

Vitalii Sydorskyi

iOS Tech Team Lead

Eivinas Nagurka

DevOps Engineer

Anastasiia Kozak
Product Owner

Simonas Bansevičius
.NET Developer

Aidas Vagonis

Account Manager

You can read introductions and get to know better our new colleagues HERE.

Questions & Answers

Q: Would TeleSoftas provide some alternatives or support working from abroad in case it is unsafe working from LT?

A: Currently TeleSoftas is working on a risk management plan to prepare for any situation. We could provide flexibility for working from foreign countries, and support will depend on the complexity of the situation.

-Gabija Šarkytė

Q: Finally got courage come to office (Kaunas) and event I've found a place to sit. First thought: I have monitor. Cool! but where is a keyboard/mouse?.. What if we have few keyboards (simple wired ones) for those who occousinally came to the office? Sorry, for being selfish bastard

A: There will be more equipment than a monitor (keyboards, mice, headphones) when we receive stickers for marking hot desk places. The chairs for the hot spot in A5 already arrived last week. 

-Vaidotas Rutkauskas

Q: Are we going to have brain battles again?

A: Yes, we will try to make it happen around fall! ;) If you have any suggestions or would like to contribute towards making this happen DM me!

-Simona Toleikytė

Q: Can we make running text toggable? :D It distracts me when I see in my peripheral vision that running text :D can't concentrate to read :D

A: We made it slower. I hope now it doesn't distract the reading! 

-Viktorija Budrevičė

Would you give us some practical examples on how we might/could use this?

Self-training is best suited for those who have lots of ideas, want to try out new concepts or fill in knowledge gaps, or want to try out some libraries or architectures but don't have the time. Software developers often know what their weak points are and they usually learn on their own anyway, so Self-training is a perfect tool for this purpose.

You can check this video (as well as slides) in which I presented my 5 days of Self-training experience. The first 20 min of the presentation is a general review of what I've done during the working week. Then further in the presentation, I go deeper into details and starting from 1:12:50, you can listen to my summary of the Self-training.

If you don't watch the video/check the slides, this is the plan of my Self-training week:

  • Days 1-3. Watching videos, reading tutorials, reading documentation.

  • Day 4. Architecture, debugging ideas.

  • Day 5. Recapping. Creating presentation.

And this is the approach during the week:

  •  Don't train too many things, that should be done during the project.

  • Don't only focus on practical things, increasing general understanding is also valuable.

  • Be very transparent. Next time I hope this won‘t be so necessary.

  • Don't learn topics that are very big (like Coroutines)

  • Don‘t watch too many videos, because many seem outdated

-Liudvikas Šablauskas

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